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Poker news | Jul 27, 2023

How to play in a poker freeroll

By RTR Sarah

How to play in a poker freeroll

Are you a poker enthusiast looking to play the game without risking your hard-earned money? Enter the world of poker Freerolls, where you can win real money without paying any entry fees!

A poker freeroll is a real money poker tournament that is completely free to enter. These free poker tournaments provide players with the opportunity to win real money and valuable prizes for no cost!

In this article, we'll explore what freerolls are, how they work, and why you should start playing them.

How do poker freerolls work?

Playing in a freeroll poker tournament is the exact same as playing in a regular poker tournament, except there is no entry fee. All players start with the same starting stack! To play online in a freeroll and be in with a chance of winning the top prize, all you need to do is register with the online poker room hosting it.

Freeroll poker tournaments give a number of top players the opportunity to win rewards, including real cash prizes, tournament tickets, and special poker bonuses. Most freerolls offer cash prizes in the two or three-figure range but some of the best have four-figure prize pools. A higher prize pool normally means that players will need to fulfil specific requirements to access the freeroll, such as having enough player points.

The prize pools in freerolls will vary depending on whether it is split or winner-takes-all, how many participants can gain entry to the tournament, and the online poker site’s policy. Most freerolls only allow a limited number of players access so that they have a better chance of winning a prize. Therefore, it is recommended to register early to secure your spot in the tournament. Some freerolls are also password protected and players will be given passwords in exchange for their loyalty to the online poker site.

Most online poker sites host freerolls on a regular schedule each week, allowing players to plan which ones they can participate in. Freerolls come in various formats such as Texas Hold'em and Omaha and can be single-table tournaments (STTs) or multi-table tournaments (MTTs).

Why should I play in a freeroll tournament?

Besides the fact that there is no buy-in fee and you will not be risking any of your hard earned money, there are many reasons to start playing in freerolls.

Freerolls are the ideal way to learn how to play poker. The most common type of freeroll is the ‘new player freeroll’, specifically aimed at beginners to poker who want to practise the game and learn how the website works. Most new players to poker sites are given access to ‘new player freerolls’ as a welcome bonus.

Freerolls are better than no money tournaments for practising poker because, with real money on the line, you will find that your opponents play more consistently and less erratically. You will pick up good playing habits from other poker players in a freeroll and develop a real sense of how successful you are during tournaments.

Experienced and professional poker players can also benefit from freerolls. During a freeroll, you can test out new strategies, explore the features and software of a new poker site, and raise the stakes higher than you normally would.

Hand of cards on wood

Types of freerolls

There are many different types of freerolls, all offering players different experiences and opportunities. The most common types of freerolls include:

New Player Freerolls - New Player Freerolls are available to newly registered players of online poker sites.

Exclusive Freerolls - Exclusive Freerolls are open to a small number of players, mainly VIPs and high rollers.

Weekly Freerolls - Weekly Freerolls are scheduled at the same time and day every week.

Satellite Freerolls - Satellite Freerolls are an open door for non-VIP players to make their way into exclusive freerolls.

Special Event Freerolls - Special Event Freerolls celebrate special occasions, such as a holiday or site anniversary, and typically have bigger prizes then regular freerolls.

Rake Freerolls - Rake Freerolls are open to players who have generated a certain amount of rake from various cash games.

Private Freerolls - Private Freerolls are organised by third-party websites, poker forums, or communities.

Regional Freerolls - Regional Freerolls are exclusive to players from specific countries or regions.

Pros and cons of freerolls

Poker freerolls come with many advantages, especially for those who are new to the game and want to practise without risking any real money. They are not without drawbacks, however.


  • Real cash prizes on offer

  • Costs nothing to play

  • Risk-free practise

  • Can experiment with new strategies

  • Learn different poker variants and try out new formats

  • Low pressure

  • Schedule accommodates to various time zones


  • Highly competitive and challenging to win

  • Lower prize pools

  • Limited value for experienced players

  • Beginners and low-skilled players can make the play unpredictable

  • Typically last several hours

  • The best freerolls are password protected or only open to VIP players

Where can I find the best poker freeroll passwords?

At RakeTheRake, we work with some of the biggest and best poker rooms from all over the world. To save you the time from having to find the freeroll passwords yourself, we have listed all the freerolls from these poker sites on our website!

The poker rooms we offer the freeroll passwords for include:

  • 888

  • WPT Global

  • GG Poker

  • William Hill Poker

  • Pokerstars

  • bwin

  • partypoker

  • Coral

  • Ladbrokes

  • Highstakes

  • Natural8

  • Ya Poker

  • Americas Cardroom

  • Betfair