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Poker news | Jul 20, 2023

The Best Gifts for Poker Players

By Rtr Lucy

Pexels pixabay 264787

Perhaps there is a birthday coming up, you're starting your Christmas shopping early, or you're just looking to treat yourself a little. No matter the reasoning, gift-giving can be confusing and stressful. You have to consider the closeness of the relationship, your own budget, the practicality of the gift and on and on and on.

If you're looking for gift ideas for the poker players in your life, or those who might be interested in starting, we have the top 4 list to make your life a little easier. Whether you're on a tight budget or looking to splurge a little, we've found plenty of perfect gifts for every type of poker enthusiast.

Poker Chip Sets

It’s hard to go wrong with poker chips. Maybe they’re looking to upgrade their current set, or maybe they’re looking for a starter set to kick off their home poker games. There are plenty of different styles at a wide range of prices to choose a great gift from.

Top gift for under $50 - Texas Hold em Claytec 500 Chips Set (at $36.63) - a good gift for that beginner player in your life.

Top gift for under $100 - Classic Monogram Personalised Poker Chip Case Gift Set with Cigar Glass (at $89.95) - for a more personalised touch.

Top gift for under $200 - Versa Games Crown Casino 500 13.5g Clay Chips Set (at $129.99) - For the more experienced player there are plenty of poker nights to be had with these high-end chips.

Even if you or your intended giftee are the type that likes to collect poker chips from different casinos and build up your own set, this Las Vegas Poker Chip Display Frame may be the gift that works for you.


A quality deck of cards

While I'm sure they probably have a pack of cards laying somewhere about their house, every poker player needs their own quality set of playing cards. Like with a set of poker chips, it’s difficult to go wrong with a good set of cards. Whether playing a casual round with your friends, or hosting a high-stakes home game, you can bet that, with no cards, there’s no poker.

The list of options is endless for playing cards. Funny cards, personalized cards, artisan cards - you can find it all! For the more extravagant player, you can even gift them a set of 24K Gold Foil Luxury Playing Cards.

Top gift under $20 - Personalised Playing Card Deck (at $19.90) - a perfect personal gift to play poker with.

Top gift under $50 - Arcana Tarot Playing Cards - Hand Illustrated Poker Size Deck (at $47.84) - a great poker gift for the spiritual or artsy amongst your loved ones, with their hand illustrated design.

Top gift under $100 - Artisan Playing Cards Luxury Set (at $74.95) - comes complete in a Laser-etched and engraved wooden box.


Card Shuffler

Unlike with both poker chips and playing cards, you may want to suss out whether this is the right gift for your intended recipient. If your giftee owns a set of expensive cards or has a habit of liking to shuffle the cards themselves, it may be best to avoid sending them this gift.

However, if seeking to replicate that Vegas feel in your own home or looking to make the process a bit quicker and easier, a card shuffler is ideal. With a click of a button, the two card stacks will shuffle and merge for you all by themselves, with the help of this little machine.

Whilst card shufflers can be quite pricey, you shouldn’t be put off. There are plenty of affordable options out there.

Top gift under $20 - Automatic Card Shuffler (at $16.99) - For the gift giver on a tight budget, this simple machine is ideal.

Top gift under $50 - Automatic Wooden Playing Card Deck Shuffler (at $43.56) - With quiet operation and a wooden finish, this shuffler can classy up any poker night.

Top gift under $200 - Automatic Poker Card Dealer Machine (at $128.99) - This machine not only shuffles but deals for you as well, helping you enjoy the game fully by simplifying the dealing process.


Poker Tables

Still looking for more poker gift ideas? If you’re someone looking to splurge a little on your deserving loved-ones, a full-blown poker table might be what you're looking for. With casino-quality poker tables reaching up to $3499, or even beyond, your giftee will be ready to host their poker nights in style.

But it’s probably best to check first whether they have the space or a susceptible partner, to fit a poker table in their home. Here is one of the areas it would be best to consider ‘can they actually use it?’.

However, for those without thousands to spend or space for a full casino table in their homes, there are foldable or even covers for table tops. So don’t be put off, there is an endless variety for you to choose from.

Top gift under $50: Plusvivo Card Table Cover - At 36” x 36”, this washable felt table cover is great for the player wishing to start out hosting some home games.

Top gift under $100: 8-Player Foldable Poker Table Top - Whilst somewhat more expensive, this higher-quality 8-seater table-cover will show the thought behind your gift.

Top gift under $2,000: Triton 90" Premium Folding 10 Player Poker Table - Seating 10 players, this high-end (but still foldable,) casino-style poker table is sure to make anyone’s games the talk of the town.


Poker Gifts For Everyone

With this guide we have sorted the wheat from the chaff and given a gift idea for every budget. Whoever you are buying for, something on this list will tickle their fancy. But don't thank us too much, it's just what we do. Rest assured, whichever gift you choose, we won't see a penny from the sale. We've chosen these gifts because they are the best, simple as.