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Poker news | Oct 20, 2023

Jared Bleznick becomes first Super High Roller PLO Champion

By RTR Alex

Bleznick Header 1

In a historic showdown, Jared Bleznick etched his name in the annals of poker history as he clinched the inaugural Super High Roller Bowl Pot-Limit Omaha Tournament (PLO) championship, hosted by PokerGo on October 19, 2023. This $100,000 Super High Roller event saw Bleznick emerge victorious after a grueling battle that spanned over six hours of intense poker action.

The journey to the championship was nothing short of extraordinary. Bleznick was part of a formidable final table that included some of the brightest stars in the poker world, making this Pot-Limit Omaha event a true spectacle for enthusiasts and professionals alike. Among his fellow competitors were the likes of Isaac Haxton, Stephen Chidwick, Isaac Kempton, Aaron Katz, Frank Crivello, and Chino Rheem.

As the final table began, all eyes were on the impressive chip lead that Jared Bleznick had amassed. His commanding presence was established from the very beginning, and it was clear that he meant business. This was no ordinary tournament; it was the largest buy-in Pot-Limit Omaha event in poker history, and the stakes were as high as the adrenaline in the room. Not to mention, Bleznick was pulling of stunts like this...

Chino Rheem, one of the early casualties in this battle of giants, set the stage for the exhilarating part of tournament play. He was the first to bow out as he relinquished a double to Isaac Kempton. Kempton's better hand outshone Rheem's flush draw, leaving the PGT Mixed Games II champion with just a few chips. The last of Rheem's hopes were dashed when he went all-in against Bleznick, who revealed a Broadway straight, ultimately sending Rheem to the rail with a $152,000 consolation prize.

Isaac Haxton took an early lead and maintained his grip on the chip counts during the initial stages of the final table. Aaron Katz, on the other hand, found himself short-stacked and fought hard for his survival. With time extensions to break, Katz managed to double through Bleznick, securing his place in the competition for a little longer.

Frank Crivello was the next to leave the final table, earning a respectable $228,000 prize from the cage. At this point, the final five players were guaranteed at least $304,000, and the competition grew even fiercer.

Katz, demonstrating remarkable resilience, managed another double, this time through Haxton. However, he remained at the bottom of the chip counts as the only player with less than one million chips. Meanwhile, Isaac Haxton maintained his lead throughout the final five players, while Bleznick and Kempton jockeyed for second place. Stephen Chidwick bided his time in fourth place, waiting for Katz's inevitable departure with his remaining 10 big blinds.

The action continued to intensify as Katz claimed fifth place with a $304,000 prize. Kempton's fortune took a hit when he ran into a flopped full house from Bleznick, who capitalized on the opportunity, amassing an impressive 6.8 million in chips compared to Haxton's 2.2 million.

During one pivotal moment in the tournament, with Kempton all in for just 11 big blinds, Bleznick astutely used his time extensions to open a box of sports cards, demonstrating a masterful display of time extension management.

As the field narrowed down to the final four, Kempton's journey came to an end in fourth place, taking home a commendable $418,000. Bleznick, now with a chip stack of 7.3 million, entered the three-handed play with a significant lead.

The final three players, comprising Bleznick, Haxton, and Chidwick, engaged in a marathon of poker prowess that lasted six intense hours. Bleznick's nearest competitor in this battle of wits was Haxton, who held 2.4 million chips, while Chidwick looked for an opportune moment with just over 1.5 million chips in his arsenal.

Chidwick's moment came soon after as he doubled through Haxton, ultimately placing the recent Super High Roller Bowl VIII champion on the short stack. A flurry of action ensued as Haxton and Chidwick exchanged double-ups. Bleznick still held the lead, but the competition grew even more intense. At one point, he was less than a million chips ahead of his two formidable opponents.

Full Super High Roller PLO Final Table Results

Rank Player Prize Country
1 Jared Bleznick $1,292,000 United States
2 Isaac Haxton $836,000 United States
3 Stephen Chidwick $570,000 United Kingdom
4 Isaac Kempton $418,000 United States
5 Aaron Katz $304,000 United States
6 Frank Crivello $228,000 United States
7 Chino Rheem $152,000 United States

In a game that was nothing short of electrifying, Bleznick ultimately triumphed, emerging as the first Super High Roller Bowl PLO champion. The final moments of heads-up play saw Bleznick turning three nines to outshine Haxton's queens, clinching the prestigious title and a substantial $1,292,000 prize.

This victory solidified Jared Bleznick's place in poker history, marking the inauguration of the Super High Roller Bowl PLO event as an unforgettable milestone in the world of poker. The tournament showcased not only the exceptional skills of these top-tier players but also the unpredictable nature of Pot-Limit Omaha, where fortunes can change in an instant.

As the poker world continues to evolve and produce champions like Jared Bleznick, one thing remains certain—poker enthusiasts worldwide will eagerly anticipate the next thrilling chapter in the ever-evolving story of high-stakes poker.

In the aftermath of this remarkable tournament, Isaac Haxton's performance helped him secure the top spot on the PGT leaderboard, a testament to his consistent excellence in the world of poker. His journey to the top now places him ahead of Daniel Weinman, who had previously held the PGT points lead entering the Super High Roller Bowl PLO event.

Stephen Chidwick, despite finishing in third place at the event, maintained his standing on the PGT leaderboard, solidifying his place as a formidable force in the world of poker. Additionally, Chino Rheem made significant progress on the PGT leaderboard, climbing to the 29th position, surpassing the legendary Daniel Negreanu.

Isaac Kempton's performance in this tournament saw him just outside the top 40 on the PGT leaderboard, in 44th place with 805 PGT points. Jared Bleznick, the newly crowned champion, catapulted to the 74th position on the PGT leaderboard with 535 PGT points.

The player who finishes at the pinnacle of the PGT leaderboard at the conclusion of the 2023 season will earn the prestigious title of PGT Player of the Year and a generous $50,000 bonus. Moreover, the winner secures a coveted spot in the season-ending PGT Championship, which boasts a $1,000,000 freeroll with the most starting chips.