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Poker news | Jan 16, 2024

What is rakeback in poker?

By RTR Alex

Michal parzuchowski o T Xb A Tco TQ unsplash

Are you an avid poker player wondering about the term "rakeback" and how it can impact your gaming experience?

In the world of online poker, understanding the concept of rakeback is crucial for players looking to maximize their returns. Let's delve into what rakeback is, how it works, and why it matters for online poker enthusiasts.

Rake in the Poker Game

Before we dive into rakeback, let's briefly touch on the concept of "rake" in the poker game. In cash games on online poker sites, a small fee is charged by the online poker room for hosting the game. This fee is commonly known as the rake, and it's a percentage of the total pot in real money. So, every time you play a hand of poker, whether you win or lose, part of the cash pot goes to the house.

What is Rakeback?

Simply put, rakeback is a way for online poker players to get a percentage of the rake they pay back into their pockets. This is particularly good for those who play poker frequently, as the rake you pay can quickly accumulate over time.

In most cases, rakeback can be earned whether you win or lose the hands you play. So whether you're a seasoned poker pro or you just like to play a few hours here and there, you'll always be earning money back on the rake you pay.

How Does Rakeback Work?

When you play poker on online poker sites, a portion of the rake you pay goes to the online poker room. However, with a rakeback deal, you can receive a percentage of that total rake back into your account. This essentially reduces the overall cost of playing poker and provides a form of cashback for your gaming activities.

Rakeback Offers and Online Poker Rooms

Various online poker rooms offer rakeback deals to attract and retain players. These offers can vary, so it's essential for players to explore different options and choose a deal that suits them best. GG Poker, Partypoker, 888 and many other major online poker sites often feature competitive rakeback offers for their players.

The Benefits of Receiving Rakeback

For regular online poker players, receiving rakeback can have several advantages. It adds an extra layer of value to your gameplay, helping you get more out of each session. Whether you're a casual player or someone who spends significant time in cash games, having a rakeback deal can contribute to a more enjoyable and cost-effective poker experience.

If you play poker primarily in cash games on online poker sites, considering a rakeback deal is a wise move. Be sure to explore the rakeback offers available and select one that suits your preferences. The additional value from rakeback can enhance your overall satisfaction with your chosen online poker room.

Understanding rakeback in the context of the online poker game is crucial for players looking to make the most out of their gaming sessions. By exploring different rakeback offers from various online poker rooms, you can find a deal that aligns with your playing style and provides you with valuable returns on the total rake you pay in real money during your poker adventures. So, get ready to play poker smarter and enjoy the benefits of rakeback in your online gaming journey.

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