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Poker news | Feb 24, 2024

Lock in Your Entry to YA Poker’s Colossal $12.5M Venom Tournament with Venom Fever

By RTR Alex

1600x900 Venom Fever Twitter Feb24 Aff delly53 YP

"Life, like poker, has an element of risk. It shouldn't be avoided. It should be faced." — Edward Norton. Just as Norton's words resonate with the audacious spirit of poker, YA Poker is laying down the gauntlet with its most colossal event ever — the $12.5 Million Venom Tournament. Prepare for the site’s most epic tourney yet, commencing on April 14th, where there will be at least three millionaires. Will you be one of them?

Venom Fever: Your Gateway to the Venom Tournament

Boasting a $12.5 Million guaranteed pot, The Venom is the tournament every player needs to play. But don’t let the $2,650 entry fee intimidate you. YA Poker is hosting Venom Fever starting February 25th, where they’re guaranteeing hundreds upon hundreds of seats.

During Venom Fever, YA Poker is awarding Venom entries via The Beast Tournament. An appealing aspect of The Beast is its accessible $95 entry fee. Or even better, you can play in The Beast tourney for free by ranking on The Beast leaderboard.

Watch out for the next Beast tournament falling on Sunday, February 25th, guaranteeing a generous 30 seats. Here’s a rundown of the upcoming Beast tournaments and the available seats:

  • February 25th: 30 seats
  • March 17th: 30 seats
  • March 24th: 30 seats
  • March 31st: 30 seats
  • April 7th: 40 seats
  • April 14th: 40 seats
  • April 21st: 50 seats

More Ways to Qualify

Alternative Qualifying Routes

YA Poker ensures multiple avenues for you to claim a coveted position in the Venom. With several paths to qualify, and some starting at $0, there's truly no reason to pass up the chance.

Prepare for "Spin to Get IN," the innovative virtual slot game that could transform your coins into a prized spot in the Venom Tournament.

If competition is what fuels you, the OSS and High Five Leaderboard Contests are your battleground. Vie with fellow players for one of the 3 OSS Leaderboard Contest Venom seats happening now, or aim for one of the 30 seats in the upcoming March High Five Leaderboard Contests.

Starting March 24th, keep your sights set for the Venom Direct Satellites. With an impressive 781 seats available, your odds of securing a place are promising.

Then there are the Mega Satellites, commencing March 19th, and guaranteeing an astounding 668 Venom seats. You can even qualify for as little as $0.

Moreover, consider the Multi-flight Tournaments scheduled across March and April, promising a total of 100 seats with each entry only costing $16.50.

New depositors have a special way to qualify. YA Poker is bringing you exclusive 6-max satellites, where every player at the final table wins a coveted Venom seat.

With so many ways to qualify at Ya Poker, everyone has a genuine chance to join the $12.5 Million Venom. Take a leap and perhaps you'll secure a spot in what could be one of the most monumental online poker events ever.

Win Your Share of Millions

Head over to YA Poker's $12.5 Million Venom promotional page, bookmark it, and keep up-to-date with the latest satellite information and qualification methods. Venom Fever kicks off early, providing unprecedented opportunities to clinch your $2,650 tournament position. Start strategizing, choose your qualifying route, and circle the dates in your calendar. Set your sights even higher by winning multiple entries, as the $12.5 Million Venom features five Day 1 options in all.

Remember, with YA Poker, everyone has the opportunity to make it big. Seize the moment and you may just be well on your way to becoming one of the next poker millionaires. With three players earning seven figures, there’s no way you want to miss this.