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Poker news | Feb 23, 2024

Secure your spot in ACR Poker’s massive $12.5M Venom tourney with Venom Fever

By RTR Alex

1600x900 Venom Fever Twitter Feb24 Aff delly53 ACR

As poker humorist Jack Marshall aptly puts it, "Poker is the only game where you eat like a vulture and dress like a peacock." Staying true to such witticism, ACR Poker is putting the stakes on the table with its largest ever event—the $12.5 Million Venom Tournament. The popular poker site’s biggest tournament ever gets underway on April 14th and it promises to be epic with at least three millionaires crowned at the end.

Venom Fever: Your Ticket to the Venom Tournament

With a $12.5 Million guaranteed prize pool, the Venom is a must-play tourney. Yet don’t be deterred by the $2,650 buy-in. ACR is hosting Venom Fever starting February 25th and they’re awarding tons of seats through this promo.

As part of Venom Fever, ACR Poker is guaranteeing hundreds of Venom seats through The Beast Tournament. The great thing about The Beast is that it costs just $95 to enter, but you can enter for free by placing on The Beast leaderboard.

The next Beast tourney is on Sunday, February 25th and there are a whopping 30 seats guaranteed. Check out these remaining Beast tournaments and the number of seats up for grabs:

  • February 25th: 30 seats guaranteed
  • March 17th: 30 seats guaranteed
  • March 24th: 30 seats guaranteed
  • March 31st: 30 seats guaranteed
  • April 7th: 40 seats guaranteed
  • April 14th: 40 seats guaranteed
  • April 21st: 50 seats guaranteed

More Ways to Qualify

When it comes to claiming your spot in the Venom, ACR Poker has you covered. Check out all the ways to qualify. Some even start at $0, so there’s no excuse to miss out.

Get ready for "Spin to Get IN", a unique virtual slot machine where hopeful participants can turn their spare change into a highly coveted seat in the Venom Tournament.

If you're the competitive type, then the OSS and High Five Leaderboard Contests are perfect for you. Battle other players to secure one of the 3 Venom seats in the OSS Leaderboard Contests, happening now, or 30 Venom seats through the High Five Leaderboard Contests, coming in March.

Starting March 24th, keep an eye out for the Venom Direct Satellites. With a staggering 781 seats guaranteed, you have more than a decent shot at winning your seat.

Then there's Mega Satellites, which kicks off March 19th. Offering an incredible 668 seats, these opportunities for a seat at the grand event start from as low as zero dollar buy-ins.

Add to that the Multi-flight Tournaments. These events span different dates in March and April, with a guarantee of 100 total seats. Each buy-in is at a modest $16.50.

First-time depositors are also welcome to the fray. ACR Poker offers exclusive 6-max satellites. Here, each final table player is rewarded with a much-desired Venom seat.

As you can see, ACR Poker goes above and beyond to make sure everyone has a realistic shot of making it into the Venom. So, take a chance and who knows? You just might find yourself at one of the biggest poker events in history.

Dive into the Game

Visit ACR Poker's $12.5 Million Venom promo page, bookmark it, and follow the updates for new satellites and ways to qualify. Venom Fever starts early and brings more ways than ever to win your $2,650 seat in the tournament. Start planning, pick your method of winning a seat, and mark your calendars now. Better yet, aim to win multiple seats since there are 5 Day 1 options in the Venom.

Remember, every player has a shot at winning big with ACR Poker. Grab this opportunity, and you could be the next poker millionaire. Did we mention that there will be at least three millionaires?