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Poker news | Feb 10, 2024

YA Poker Guarantees $16 Million, February 12th to 26th, with a Major Announcement

By RTR Alex

1600x900 Website OSS Jan 2024 Ya Poker

YA Poker is setting a remarkable pace in 2024. Following a highly successful Venom PKO Tournament in January, which had a prize pool surpassing $7 million, they are raising the stakes even higher. YA Poker has announced a groundbreaking Million Venom Tourney in April, setting new records.

The Venom Tournament, a cornerstone event of YA Poker, has gained rapid popularity since its inception in 2018, initially offering a $5 Million guarantee. It has expanded significantly over the years, now doubling its initial impressive prize pool.

Venom now occurs four times annually, alternating between two $5 million Venom PKO tournaments and two $10 Million Venom regular events every six months. But YA Poker is now ambitiously increasing the tournament prize to $12.5 Million, a bold step given their history of not covering their $10 Million guarantee. This potentially offers players exceptional overlay value.

In the meantime, YA Poker is not slowing down. The upcoming Online Super Series from February 12th to 26th is set to be pivotal.

What the $16 Million Guaranteed OSS Offers

The OSS is unique, featuring 207 diverse poker tournaments and appealing to a wide range of players. Regardless of skill level or bankroll, there are events for everyone, with various buy-ins and stakes.

OSS Main Events

The OSS is highlighted by its main events:

  • $1,000,000 Main Event with a $1,050 entry fee
  • $500,000 Main Event, with a $215 entry fee

Key timings for these events are:

  • Day 1: Sunday, February 25th at 12:05 pm ET
  • Day 2 begins: Monday, February 26th at 1:30 pm ET

Main Multiflight Tournament: A Must-Play

A standout in the OSS is the Main Multiflight Tournament, featuring a $1,000,000 prize pool and a $630 buy-in. Important dates:

  • Day 1 flights start: Sunday, February 11th
  • Day 2: Monday, February 26th at 2:05 pm ET

Huge Mystery Bounty Events

These exciting events offer potentially huge rewards with each knockout:

  • A $750,000 event ($109 buy-in)
  • A $200,000 event ($16.50 buy-in)
  • A $75,000 event ($2.50 buy-in)

OSS Leaderboard Challenge: Rewarding Commitment

YA Poker values player dedication, offering a leaderboard with $30,000 in cash and tournament entries as rewards. The three leaderboards cater to all:

  • High: Buy-ins of $104.50 and above
  • Medium: Buy-ins from $16.50 to $88
  • Low: Buy-ins of $11 and below

Winners in each category receive cash and a prized seat, worth $2,650, for the spectacular $12.5 Million Venom tournament in April.

Join the OSS Club and Aim for the Venom

Explore the rich offerings of YA Poker's $16 Million OSS event. For a full schedule, visit YA Poker's promotional page. While participating in the OSS, watch out for chances to qualify for April's blockbuster, the $12.5 Million Venom tournament. Qualification options include Mega Satellites, Step Tournaments, and the 'Spin to Get in' Slot Machine feature.

These consecutive high-stakes events demonstrate YA Poker's commitment to providing unmatched excitement and competition in the poker world from the year's outset.