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Poker news | Mar 01, 2024

ACR’s High Five Tournament Series is your ticket to the $12.5 Million Venom

By RTR Alex

1600x900 High Five Website Feb24 Aff delly53 ACR

When ACR Poker dropped the news about their $12.5 Million GTD Venom tourney happening in April, it pretty much broke the poker internet. Now, as online poker’s biggest tournament approaches, the team over there are all hands on deck trying to get as many of us into the game as possible.

Remember the Online Super Series that had a whopping $16 Million on the line? It wasn’t just about the cash – three lucky souls snagged Venom seats through the OSS Leaderboard. Amping it up even more, ACR Poker is now awarding 20 Venom seats via their High Five leaderboard (but more on that soon enough).

High Fives All Round: The Tournament Series With The 420 Vibe

Rolling out typically in April with a nod to 420 culture, this year’s High Five Tournament Series is pulling up early as the perfect build-up to the $12.5 Venom.

Packed with a hefty $12.2 Million across 220 exciting events, there will be 10 tourneys daily for 22 days straight. Split between low buy-ins ($33 or less) and higher buy-ins (over $33), there’s something for everyone, regardless of how fat your wallet is. Overall, the buy-ins swing from just $1.10 to a cool $1,050.

And because we’re all about tradition here, the 10-minute “courtesy break” at 4:20pm ET is making a comeback. A little breather to grab some snacks, relieve yourself, or just Zen out for a bit.

Main Event Madness

Gear up for these two epic High Five Main Event on Sunday, March 31st:

  • A $1,000,000 GTD tourney with a $630 buy-in
  • A $500,000 GTD tourney with a $215 buy-in

The Leaderboard Challenge: Snag Your Venom Seat

This is where it gets juicy. Through the Leaderboard Challenge, ACR's guaranteeing 20 seats to The Venom, each worth $2,650, and it's all coming from their own pockets – talk about generosity!

From March 10th to 31st, dive into any High Five events, rack up points based on how you finish, and you could find yourself in the running for one of those coveted Venom spots. It’s split up so that no matter if you’re swimming in the shallow or deep end of the cash pool, you’ve got a shot at glory.

To be clear, ACR is running two High Five Leaderboards, with 10 Venom seats going to lower stakes players ($1.10 to $33 buy-in events) and another 10 Venom seats going to higher stakes players ($44 to $1,050 buy-in events).

All the info can be found on the promo page, so make sure to check it out.

Why You Can’t Miss the High Five Series

Jump over to their promo page and you'll get the full rundown on the High Five Tournament Series, offering a shot at not just upping your game but landing a seat in what’s set to be a record-breaking showdown with at least three players walking away millionaires.

And hey, getting into the Venom isn’t just a one-trick pony. The Venom Fever promotion is in full swing with the Sunday Beast Tournament throwing 250 seats into the ring. Plus, there are also Direct Satellites, Mega Satellites, and the ever-exciting 'Spin to Get IN' Slot Machine waiting to make dreams come true.

Thinking About Your First Deposit?

If you’ve been on the fence about depositing with ACR Poker, now’s the time to take the plunge. Not only do you get a solid 100% up to $2,000 Welcome Bonus, but there are special tournaments exclusively for first-timers, throwing even more Venom tickets into the mix.

So really, what’s stopping you? Dive in, check out all the essential info, and hey, you could end up being the next Venom Champ, or one of the other three new millionaires.