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GUTS rakeback

When it comes to online casino gaming, we know today’s players are spoilt for choice. But not all online casinos are created equal. That’s why we strive to provide the very best in online casino gaming. There’s no shortage of gripping online games to play – on the go or right from the comfort of your home.

Loyalty Reward Program

At GUTS, every poker player should be rewarded. Their Poker Loyalty Program is tailored to reward you from your very first poker hand. Play cash games or tournaments to collect loyalty and reward points, and you’ll see rewards and benefits coming your way.

Get boosted to the top level: DIAMOND immediately with RaketheRake.

TIERLoyalty Points RequirementCashback up to
Silver 0 to 499 10%
Gold 500 to 999 15%
Platinum 1000 to 2,999 20%


3,000 + 30%

Reward Points:

When you sign up through RakeTheRake and are correctly tagged, you will be instantly boosted to Diamond Level!

How does it work?

  • When you play with real money on Guts, you’ll receive Loyalty and Reward Points.
  • You receive 10 Loyalty points for every €1 you pay in rake or tournament fees, while you get reward points based on your tier, as shown in the table below.
  • Loyalty points are used to set your loyalty tier, while Reward Points can be converted to cash.
  • The Loyalty tiers are calculated on a monthly basis according to the Loyalty Points you have earned. You must reach the amount of Loyalty Points every month to keep your Loyalty tier. If you don’t you will drop one tier.
  • The higher your tier, the more Reward Points you’ll get.
  • Reward Points can be converted into cash in the “My Account” section inside the poker client at a rate of 100 points to €1
Tier Loyalty points per €1 rake/fee Reward point multiplier Reward Points per €1 rake/fee
Silver 10 1 10
Gold 10 1.5 15
Platinum 10 2 20
Diamond 10 3 30

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Weekly Flighted Tournaments

Play in any scheduled first day of each tournament and make your way to the Day 2 final. You can try multiple Day 1’s for each tournament.

Once you have qualified, your remaining Chip stack is carried forward to the final day!

Each week, there are 3 flighted tournaments as follows:

Big Weekly €25K GTD
  • Buy in: €10
  • Day 1’s: Mon – Sat at 17:20 and 18:50 CET
  • Sunday at 14:10 CET
  • Day 2: Sun at 17:50 CET

Big Weekly €30K GTD

  • Buy in: €50
  • Day 1’s: Mon – Sat at 17:50 CET
  • Sunday at 14:20 CET
  • Day 2: Sun at 18:20 CET

Big Weekly €50K GTD

  • Buy in: €200
  • Day 1’s: Mon – Sat at 18:20 CET
  • Sunday at 14:30 CET
  • Day 2: Sun at 18:50 CET

To participate you can buy in directly to the tournament or get an entry ticket from satellite tournaments being played throughout the week.

Please note: Swedish players will not receive cashback or be included in any races/chases.

Welcome Bonus - €1000 Poker Welcome Bonus

What can I get?

  • Up to €1,000 Poker Welcome Bonus

What do I have to do?

  • Register your poker alias
  • Receive €5 Bonus money for every €25 you rake in

What else should I know?

  • Bonus is wager-free
  • Complete the Bonus within 60 days


Yes, GUTS do retag poker accounts if your account meets the requirements. To take advantage of our exclusive GUTS deal and promotions, follow the steps below:

  1. Login or sign up for a RakeTheRake account.
  2. Apply for retagging here by filling out the required GUTS details.
  3. Wait for us to contact GUTS to see if retagging is possible. Once we hear back we'll let you know.