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Ladbrokes rakeback

Get the best Ladbrokes Poker rakeback deal equivalent with the VIP system when you sign up through RakeTheRake. All our players get even more value thanks to our exclusive promotions like rake races and big tourneys. This room switched from the Ladbrokes Poker rake model to a new VIP model, where players earn points to unlock rewards and exclusive freerolls.

Download the software simply by following the sign-up buttons on this page, and grind away from your desktop or get Ladbrokes instant play direct from your browser. You can also use the Ladbrokes poker app to play from your tablet or mobile on html5, Android or IOS and get all the action you can handle at home or on the go.

Ladbrokes VIP Club

Earn up to 33% rakeback from the Ladbrokes poker loyalty scheme.

When you move up the VIP levels at Ladbrokes, you can cash in your points and take part a range of VIP poker events, depending on you VIP Level.

For each €1 of rake, you earn 14 points, which are used to calculate your VIP level and are used when you exchange them to get your cash reward. Your VIP level is dependent on the points you earn in a rolling 30 day period and are updated daily. After 30 days your points no longer count towards your VIP level.

VIP Level VIP Name Points required Per Month rake $$
1Short Stack00.00
3Deep Stack50035.71
4Chip Leader1600114.29

When you cash in your points, your VIP level determines how many points you need for each Euro of cashback. So, the higher your VIP level, the more cash you get back for each point you have to cash in.

VIP Level Points Per € Rakeback % rake per euro

To cash in your points, you need to select "my info" from there you can select "cash in points" and then "history" followed by "My Account" then "iPoints/Tickets". When you click on "Cash In" you'll then have the best possible conversion rate displayed to you based on your VIP level, which you can choose to accept or decline. Once you have converted your points, the funds will be added to your balance in the next few minutes.

Ladbrokes VIP Events

In addition to determining your cashback, your VIP level will also allow you to participate in different VIP events each week:

Tournament Name Frequency Poker VIP Level Time (UK)
€1500 VIP FR1st and 3rd Friday each month4 to 619:30
Daily €75 VIP FRDaily2 to 619:00
Daily Points €50Daily1 to 617:00
Freeroll - €25 Gtd3 x Daily1 to 603:00, 06:00 & 14:00
Freeroll - €50 GtdDaily1 to 619:00
Weekly Points €100Thursdays1 to 620:00
Weekly Points €75Tuesdays1 to 618:30

Monthly €3,000 VIP Race

If you manage to hit the highest levels at Ladbrokes and make it all the way to VIP 5 or 6, then you will get to take part in their monthly VIP race with a prize pool of €3,000 for players finishing in the top ten positions.

Ladbrokes FAQs

Follow these simple steps to signup for Ladbrokes rakeback and access our exclusive promotions:

  1. Clear browser cookies. This is important to make sure your account is correctly tracked to RakeTheRake.
  2. Click the "Sign up at Ladbrokes" button on this page to visit the Ladbrokes website.
  3. Complete the Ladbrokes account registration process.
  4. Return to RakeTheRake and send us your Ladbrokes details so we can check if tracking was successful.