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Pokerihuone rakeback

Pokerihuone was founded in 2005, making it one of the first Finnish online poker sites. Later it expanded to casino, bingo and sports betting, each with their own domains. The four sites got a unified, modern look in 2015 layout makeover.

Pokerihuone Challenge

The Pokerihuone VIP system is based on loyalty points. It is ridiculously complicated but we'll do our best to summarise it.

For cash games there are a series of challenges

As you complete the challenges you earn points. It works out at about 100 points per €1 in rake

For multi table tournaments you get 100 points per €1 of buy in fees

For sit n go tournaments you get about 100 points per €1 of buy in fees

All the points you earn add up cumulatively

Every time you reach a new points milestone you get a reward which might be cash, bonus or live event entry.

In our attempt to give you a reasonable idea of the rewards we have based our calculations in the table below on €1 rake = 100 Loyalty Points. The reward amounts are the cumulative totals.

There are actually 48 milestones! Yes 48! But we have listed just a few of them here.

And the more you play - the better the reward percentage. But don't forget that your points reset each quarter.

PointsRake equivalentReward AmountValue

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Pokerihuone bonus details

€200 - worth 25% cashback

The bonus at Pokerihuone is staggered through five levels leading to a total bonus of €200 through instalments of €1, €4, €15, €40 and €140. The Cashback rate varies depending on the reward Level, with the first instalment worth 50%, while the fourth instalment is worth 24%, the rate for the combined rewards is 25%.

LevelRake RequiredCash RewardReward %

€2 Pokerihuone Open Ticket

All new players will also receive an additional €2 Pokerihuone Open Ticket which is credited on the first login to the client.

€10 Free Cash ticket

There is also the extra bonus of a cash game ticket worth €10.

Pokerihuone FAQs

Follow these simple steps to signup for Pokerihuone rakeback and access our exclusive promotions:

  1. Clear browser cookies. This is important to make sure your account is correctly tracked to RakeTheRake.
  2. Click the "Sign up at Pokerihuone" button on this page to visit the Pokerihuone website.
  3. Complete the Pokerihuone account registration process.
  4. Return to RakeTheRake and send us your Pokerihuone details so we can check if tracking was successful.