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PokerStars rakeback

We offer a PokerStars cashback deal of up to 30% equivalent reward. RakeTheRake players will also reap the benefits of additional promotions and exclusive RakeTheRake promotions like our freerolls!

PokerStars Rewards

PokerStars Rewards makes it easy to win rewards tailored to you, across all our gaming products. Earn reward points every time you play real money games or your bet is settled (subject to certain conditions).

Collect enough points to complete your progress bar and you’ll win a Chest loaded with rewards you’ll want to use – including Free Play, Free Bets, and StarsCoin you can use in our Rewards Store.

Reward Points

Keep an eye on the progress bar at the top of the homepage. The more real money games you play, or the more you wager, the more reward points you’ll collect and the faster it fills. Complete it to win a Chest filled with personalized rewards, just for you.

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Chests can be collected and opened before, during or after your session, and contain rewards that relate to the activities you enjoy. Rewards can range from StarsCoin that you can spend in the Rewards Store, to cash rebates and a variety of tickets and items tailored to you and the games you like to play. There are six different Chest types of increasing size and value.