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Simon trumper

Simon Trumper

aka Aces

hometownSouth Kensington, London

birth date31 May 1963

Poker Facts
  • WSOP Money Finishes


  • England All-time Money List


  • Total Live Tournament Winnings


Simon 'Aces' Trumper has a pair of gold and diamond aces which he uses to cap his cards, claiming they are a good luck charm.

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Simon Trumper began playing poker in 1995 after he and a friend entered a £10 tournament during a night out in Reading (England). He got his first taste of gambling much earlier in life when he was expelled from secondary school for playing poker dice after a maths exam. Simon Trumper was often bullied at secondary school because of his surname. (Despite the word 'trump' having associations with card playing, in England particularly 'trumping' is also a commonly used term for breaking wind or passing gas.)

Trumper is perhaps best known for winning the second series of 'Late Night Poker', and later for being the runner-up of series four. He managed to finish in fourth place in the WSOP 2001 $3k No Limit Hold'em Event; and in fifth place in the 2005 WSOP $10k Pot Limit Omaha event, but he has never taken part in the World Poker Tour. He is considered a No Limit Hold'em specialist with an individual style, and a strength for astute reads.

Simon works at the Nottingham Poker Club "Dusk till Dawn" (www.dusktilldawnpoker.com) as host and Live Poker Director. He is an ardent anti-smoker and as such has pressed for smoking to be banned at all poker games. Trumper suffers from the hair-loss condition Alopecia.