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Sky Poker rakeback

Sky Poker is one of the UK's leading online poker rooms. Play in £'s with no download required and get cash rewards when you join and play. We have an active community where our players can chat as well as enjoy the forums and blogs. We offer Texas Hold'em and Omaha in a variety of exciting tournaments and cash games.

To play at Sky Poker you need to open a free account and register a debit card, credit card or e-wallet. You can then deposit into and withdraw from your account as your needs require. Any poker stakes are deducted from your balance and your winnings are added back to it.

Sky VIP Scheme - Up to 40% Rakeback

Every time you play a cash game or participate in a Sit & Go or Tournament at Sky you earn Poker Points. These are earned at a rate of 6 points for every £1 you contribute to the Cash Rake in Cash games and 10 points for every £1 paid in entrance fees to Sit & Go's and Tournaments.

The system rewards both your weekly play and your monthly play as follows:
Sky Poker Rewards - Weekly (Monday- Sunday) - Up to 20% Rakeback.
Sky Poker Priority Rewards - Monthly - Up to another 20% Rakeback.
We have tried to put the two reward systems into one table for tournament play and one for cash play for ease.

Rakeback for Tournaments and Sit & Go's

Rewards LevelWeekly RakeRakeback %Monthly RakeRakeback %Total RakebackAdditional Bonus
Blue£5---5 x £1k Weekday Freeroll
Steel£10£2.30 Tokens--5 x £1k Weekday Freeroll
Bronze£5010%--10%5 x £1k Weekday Freeroll
Silver£10012.5%--12.5%5 x £1k Weekday Freeroll
Gold£15015%--15%5 x £1k Weekday Freeroll
Platinum£20020%--20%5 x £1k Weekday Freeroll

Rakeback for Cash Games

The table below details the equivalent rakeback you would generate if you played cash games exclusively.

Rewards LevelWeekly RakeRakeback %MonthlyRakeback %Total RakebackAdditional Bonus
Blue£8.33----5 x £1k Weekday Freeroll
Steel£16.67£2.30 in Tokens--6%5 x £1k Weekday Freeroll
Silver£166.677.50%--7.50%5 x £1k Weekday Freeroll
Gold£250.009%--9%5 x £1k Weekday Freeroll
Platinum£333.3312%--12%5 x £1k Weekday Freeroll

To see full Sky Rewards programme details click here.

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Spin Up Cash Poker

A fast paced, action packed version of Cash Poker, whereby you're forced to make decisions for all of your chips more frequently. Can you handle the pressure?

How do Spin Up tables work?

  • Maximum buy-in: 10 big blinds
  • Minimum buy-in: 3 big blinds

Sit shallow and flip stacks to try and spin it up! Are you on the Poker Gods' good side, do you run well? Then get yourself on a Spin Up cash table. Great for when you want a quick poker fix.

Be fearless and risk small for a big reward!

£5,000 Final Table Jackpot

There's nothing more exciting in poker than reaching a Final Table, with so much at stake and the rail watching your every move, it's the most glorious of poker stages.

So, if you final table both the 8pm Main and 8:30pm Mini event in the same evening, you are guaranteed a payout with the Sky Poker Final Table Jackpot.

The higher up the finishing positions you climb, the more you win, with two top place finishes earning £5,000!

Here's what you could win with the Sky Poker Final Table Jackpot.

Mini Event
Main Event
1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
1st $5,000 $2,500 $1,500 $750 $500 $250
2nd $2,500 $1,500 $750 $500 $250 $200
3rd $1,500 $750 $500 $250 $200 $150
4th $750 $500 $250 $200 $150 $100
5th $500 $250 $200 $150 $100 $75
6th $250 $200 $150 $100 $75 $50

Jump Start

Jump Start your Rewards by playing short and earn even more Poker Points!

What is Jump Start?

  • Sky Poker are giving you even more ways to boost your weekly Poker Rewards.
  • Simply continue to play cash poker short-handed, and they'll boost the amount of Poker Points you earn.
  • Only hands dealt that include three players or less will qualify for the points boost. This boost is applied to all hands that are played at cash tables.
  • The accrual of Poker Points update in real time, meaning you can literally watch the points rack up!

What boost do I get?

  • For every cash hand that you play with three players or less at qualifying stakes, you'll now receive a 100% boost on the amount of Poker Points you will earn, meaning DOUBLE the Rewards!

What are Poker Points?

  • Poker Points are awarded as part of Sky Poker's loyalty scheme, Sky Poker Rewards.
  • You can earn them by playing your favourite games here on Sky Poker.
  • The Jump Start bonus only applies to Cash poker however. Earn Poker Points for every hand you generate rake in.

So, start a new table, or simply continue playing with three or fewer players hands to boost your Sky Poker Rewards.

Welcome Bonus - Deposit £10 and get a £40 Bonus

Deposit and then stake £10 on cash poker or Sit 'N' Go's to receive four tournament tokens worth £11 each (including the £1 entrance fee) to use in MTT's or Sit 'N'Go's.

Only cash stakes contribute to the £10 stake, free bets, tournament tokens and bonus funds do not qualify.

Free £10

Register a new account with Sky Poker and you'll be instantly credited with £10 in Tournament Tokens for free - no deposit required, in your account.

For full terms and condtions click here

How to earn Points

Earn points at the following rates:

Cash Tables - £1 contributed in rake = 6 Poker Points earned - 24% Extra Rakeback

Tournaments & SNGs - Every £1 in entrance fees paid =10 Poker Points earned - 40% Extra Rakeback

Sky Poker FAQs

Follow these simple steps to signup for Sky Poker rakeback and access our exclusive promotions:

  1. Clear browser cookies. This is important to make sure your account is correctly tracked to RakeTheRake.
  2. Click the "Sign up at Sky Poker" button on this page to visit the Sky Poker website.
  3. Complete the Sky Poker account registration process.
  4. Return to RakeTheRake and send us your Sky Poker details so we can check if tracking was successful.