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WPT Global rakeback

WPTGlobal brings the internationally recognized WPT brand’s poker pedigree online with a platform designed for fun, fair and secure game play.

Since the World Poker Tour kick-started the poker boom with its televised high stakes games, the prestigious WPT festivals have welcomed players from around the globe; experience and innovation in poker combine in the WPT Global app that is available in more than 85 countries and dependencies, supported in English, Spanish and Portuguese with alternate languages coming soon.

WPTGlobal provides the world’s largest pool of players, generous welcome offers and recurring freerolls that reward new players from sign-up to first deposit, and beyond.

This is set to be one of the biggest re-debuts in poker history, since WPT stopped accepting Real Money Poker online in 2015. Nearly 7 years have passed and the name recognition of WPT is still one of the most valuable in the poker industry.

Tagging to RakeTheRake

For new and existing accounts, players must have deposited in order to be tagged to RakeTheRake, as WPT will only tag active accounts.

You can apply to get your current WPT account retagged to RakeTheRake to take advantage of our exclusive offers!

But please note:

  • Your account must be inactive for 4 months to qualify for retagging.
  • Inactivity is defined by not playing any game - deposits and withdrawals do not count as activity.
  • Once your account is confirmed to be retaggable, it can take seven days for your rake to count towards any exclusive offers.

Please don't forget to use our bonus code RAKEBACK to make sure your account is tagged correctly to RakeTheRake.

Weekly Tournament Leaderboards

Play your way to the top of WPT Global’s Weekly Tournament Leaderboards for big cash prizes and extra tournament tickets - including entries to their brand new Sunday Majors!

Weekly Leaderboards

  • Main Leaderboard - entries under $27

  • High Roller Leaderboard - entries over $27

The Majors

Sunday Majors

  • $110 Sunday Slam - $50,000 Guarantee

  • $330 Grand Slam - weekly $20,000 Guarantee

  • $11 Mini Slam - $8,888 Guarantee

If you win each of the three Sunday Majors in a 30-day period, you could become the Triple Crown champion and win the $100,000 jackpot that comes with the Triple Crown title.

WPT World Championship Satellites & Qualifiers

Win your way to this year’s WPT World Championship in Las Vegas, the largest guaranteed prize pool tournament in the world, for as little as $5 in WPT Global Satellites and Qualifiers.

Last year’s WPT World Championship at Wynn Las Vegas offered a then-record $15 Million prize pool that nearly doubled, reaching more than $29 Million. This 2023 the numbers are expected to become even larger - and you can be part of all the fun, excitement, and the winning.

  • Daily Satellites start 23 July from $5 and allow you to win your way into the Sunday Qualifiers.
  • Direct Qualifiers are offered each Sunday, starting 6 August, for $220 and $1,060.
  • Winners earn $12,400 packages, including a $10,400 tournament entry and a $2,000 travel stipend.
So, get involved and get ready for the 2023 WPT World Championship, set to begin December 12-18.

Global Kings of Cash Leaderboards

WPT Global’s new King of Cash leaderboards gives you a chance to win over $25,000 in prizes and cash alongside a ticket to the Kings of Cash weekly Freeroll!

The leaderboard resets weekly and runs from 00:00 ET on Sundays until 23:59 ET on Saturdays.

How to play

You will receive a Kings of Cash ticket for every 100 hands you play each day. If you play more than 100 hands on more than one day per week, you will also earn tickets for the Ironman competition. The higher stakes you play, the more tickets you’ll receive!

If you earn at least 2 tickets in one week, you will earn entry to the Kings of Cash Freeroll that is held each week. This is a freezeout tournament which awards $4,500 in prizes.

Additionally, every week a random competition drawing will be held. The top 50 winners will be posted on WPT’s Twitter - @WPT_Global

New WPT Mobile Upgrades

We are excited to announce that the Mobile Multi-Table Cash release has just gone live with a couple of caveats:

  • It is currently live only for android devices.
  • We hope to get the build live in the Mexico iOS store in the next few days.
  • The build will be available in the ROW iOS store at a later date. (TBC)

This release allows players to play 3 tables total across all game types, this can be made up of any combination of:

  • 3 cash game tables (NLHE, PLO, Shortdeck)
  • 3 Tournament tables
  • 1 PACE game tables (not counted in cash game limit)
  • 0 PokerFlips tables (This game is landscape and isn't supported in multi-tabling mode - no PokerFlips can be played concurrently with poker tables on mobile)

WPT Global FAQs

Yes, WPT Global do retag poker accounts if your account meets the requirements. To take advantage of our exclusive WPT Global deal and promotions, follow the steps below:

  1. Login or sign up for a RakeTheRake account.
  2. Apply for retagging here by filling out the required WPT Global details.
  3. Wait for us to contact WPT Global to see if retagging is possible. Once we hear back we'll let you know.