Carbon Poker Bad Beat Jackpot hits $1,000,000 and counting…

Carbon Poker Bad Beat Jackpot Hits $1,000,000

Carbon Poker will soon be able to boast the largest ever Poker Bad Beat jackpot!

We are now just days away from a new bad beat jackpot record, and as a result Carbon Poker has seen a huge influx of players hoping to win big on a Bad Beat.

The Carbon Poker Bad Beat Jackpot was introduced in mid 2008 and has yet to pay out since its introduction. It is seeded by $0.50 from every pot on all listed Bad Beat tables and only pays out when a hand of quad 7’s or better is busted. This is currently the lowest qualifying hand for a bad beat in the online industry.

Carbon Poker spokesman Jay Manning commented, “Players have been flocking to play at Carbon Poker as we are offering the lowest qualifying hand as well as the largest prize pool at any card room ever, this is an industry first.”

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Good Luck!

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