Why New Players MUST Choose Betfair From RakeTheRake in February

Betfair Fantastic February Promotion: 40% rakeback, iPod Touch

Up to 88% Return on your Play for New Players!

We realise you have a choice for Betfair Rakeback but come on..seriously….can they match this?

Is everyone else giving you 30% Minimum

Is everyone else giving you a free iPod Touch if you rake £500 within 60 days

Is everyone else giving you 40% if you rake £1,500 in a month

Is everyone else giving you $12,000 in Rake Races

Is everyone else giving you entry to a $5,000 Freeroll

Is everyone else giving you a $1,500 Poker Bonus, £250 Casino Bonus + £10 Sports Bonus

Overall if you earn 10000 points for the iPod that means you have raked £500 and are getting £440 back – that’s 88% Rakeback Baby!

(£100 rakeback, £175 in bonuses, £165 iPod = £440 !!!!!!!!!!!)

RakeTheRake Free iPod PromotionGet a free 8GB iPod Touch just for creating an account through RTR at Betfair in February 2009. This iPod is in addition to your rakeback and your bonus!!!Dates of Promotion:1st February 2009 to midnight on the 28th February 2009How the register for this promotion:

  1. You must create your account through RTR at Betfair between the promotion dates above.
  2. You then have 60 days from the date you sign up to earn 10,000 Betfair Points which is only £500
    e.g. if you sign up on the last day 28th Feb, you will have until 29th April to earn the points

The Rake Requirements:

Betfair - Free iPod Touch for ALL new Players

Earn 10,000 Points within sixty days of creating your Betfair Account through RakeTheRake – That’s it!

Terms and Conditions:

  1. This promotion is only valid to players who sign up to Betfair Poker through www.raketherake.com between 1st February 2009 and 23:59 (GMT) on 28th February 2009, and play their first real money hand during the same period.
  2. To be eligible to win either an ipod 8GB Touch or $200 cash, you must rake more than 10,000 Betfair Poker points within 60 days of signing-up to Betfair Poker through real money play on Betfair Poker.
  3. If you are a winner you agree to Betfair contacting you by email.
  4. If you are eligible to receive an ipod 8GB Touch or $200 cash you will be contacted within two weeks of 28th April 2009.
  5. The iPod Touch 8GB is available to residents of European Union Countries only. All other players are eligible to receive $200 in cash, paid into their Betfair account.
  6. If you are resident in the European Union you may choose to receive $200 instead of the ipod 8GB Touch.
  7. Delivery of the iPod Touch 8GB will take place between May 2009 and June 2009.
  8. Payments of the $200 cash prize will be made within two weeks of 28th April 2009.
  9. Betfair Points earned from the Betfair Exchange, the Betfair Casino, Betfair Exchange Games or any other source will not qualify for this promotion. Please see the Betfair Poker site for details of how you earn Betfair Points playing poker.
  10. Betfair Poker reserve the right to modify the terms of this promotion or to discontinue it at any time.
  11. By entering this promotion you agree to be bound by the above terms and Betfair Poker’s Standard Terms Applicable to Promotions, Competitions, Tournaments and Events.
  12. Players will also get their rakeback at 30 or 40% , their $1500 Sign up Bonus and entry to all RTR Races and Freerolls for Betfair in February.*

*Although the iPod offer is in conjunction with the Rake Races, a player who signed up in February 2009 must earn 25000 points in total by the end of February in order to validate their race win.
For example, a new player can be one of the first players to reach 15000, but they must reach a total of 25,000 points in the month of February in order to be eligible for the $300 prize. The same will apply to the second race of the month.
Meaning a new player in Feb would have to finish the month with 50,000 points if they wanted to claim both prizes and in each individual race had been one of the 1st to reach 15000 points.

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