England Win the 2nd Test but lose the Poker Ashes 2009

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Whilst most of the country will be celebrating England’s second test win of the 2009 Ashes series, fans of poker will be noting a major defeat at the hands of Australia’s hustle in chief – Shane Warne.

Although at Lords “Australia collapsed like a house of cards“, they proved to be a more formidable match at the poker table on Sunday for the 2009 Poker Ashes tournament.

Cricketers and poker go together like tea and cucumber sandwiches, because, unlike most sports, when it rains cricketers can spend vast amounts of time sitting around in dressing-rooms. With over twenty competitive men sat together the obvious diversion is a game of cards. And of course it also permits the gratuitous wearing of sunglasses, a favorite habit of the modern cricketer and poker player alike.

The 2009 Poker Ashes final was televised on Sky Sports on Sunday. The great leg spinner Shane Warne captained the Australian Poker Team after presiding over humbling defeats in the first two “Tests” of the Poker Ashes. Warne, who always held all the aces, has just arrived from a World Series of Poker event in Las Vegas.

England’s captain, Darren Gough sat out the second match, leaving England with a line-up of swing bowler Matthew Hoggard, Gladstone Small and Min Patel.

With the series already decided after the fourth match, Warne and Gough had a side bet riding on the last test. The losing poker captain would have to wear their opponent’s shirt at Lord’s for the Test match. The thought of wearing the three lions was obviously too much for the blonde leg-spinner who saw his side home to victory leaving Yorkshire’s finest to wear the Aussie green and gold.

There were two online qualifiers. Australia had Adam Kloens and England had Steve Falzon, who claimed he once took eight wickets for six runs as a schoolboy.

Plenty of sledging took place although much of the banter was muffled. Not to disappoint the cricket fans plenty of cricket puns and analogies with the best being:

Hoggard, the only England player left at the table, was “like a nightwatchman getting a load of verbals from four slips on a bumpy pitch in fading light with the fast bowler steaming in.

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