Barclays Bank Set to Profit £3m, But What Are The Asians Doing?

Recent news reports have shown that Barclays bank have recently announced profits of around 8% in their first half, which is perhaps proof that the financial crisis is easing off.

With profits coming from the investment arm of the company, perhaps we should be asking just what are they investing in?

Maybe it’s the Asian elite poker players from Vietnam who have been preparing for the Asian Poker Tour which is due to happen on the 12 August 2009?

With only a matter of days until this competitive event starts, commentators have said that there is one group of superstars that everyone should be wary of.

With J.C. Tran, Nam Le and Quinn Do all ready for the contest, these guys are trimmed in and waiting to annihilate the competition.

If you are interested in winning a place at the Asian Poker Tour then you have two options. The first, is maybe approaching Barclay’s Capital for an investment to the sum of HKD$34,500.

The second, is to try and qualify for the contest at one of the following internet poker sites Party Poker, DafaPoker, Titan Poker and also iPoker.

With days to go until the competition starts, it is not too late to enter at one of the many poker tournaments offered by these online poker rooms.

After all, with US $500,000 in prizes, a trip to the Galaxy StarWorld Hotel and Casino in Macao may be exactly the competition you need to play like a pro, refine your poker strategy and get your poker career going!

With numerous side events such as ‘Battle of the Nations’ and a variety of six-handed, eight-handed and celebrity poker tournaments, this year’s event has doubled in size from last year.

With players coming from over 40 countries to play poker, the 2009 Asian Poker Tour will consist of 12 days of fast-paced and nerve wracking poker hands, don’t say we didn’t warn you in advance!

This year’s Asian Poker Tournament sure will be a big one!

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Don’t let the casino’s profit from you – take advantage of some of the best offers in the industry and if you’re lucky, maybe you could be sitting at the next Asian Poker Tournament.

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