Forest Fires Are Not All That Are Raging

As the massive forest fires continue to decimate parts of La Palma in the Spanish Canaries, some 600 firefighters are trying their hardest to douse the raring flames to no avail. Several thousand people have already evacuated.

Just a few thousand miles away however, another fire rages. Deep in the hearts of many committed poker players, the WSOP 2009 is celebrating its 40th anniversary and as we saw at the end of Day 8, it is only a matter of time before we reach the end of this world famous competition.

Day 8 saw a number of people get incinerated, and with only 9 players surviving, the final table has been made as these guys wait patiently for the last game to be held November 7 – 10.

But just what has happened in the past forty years that made the WSOP the defining competition in the global poker tournament calendar?  Unlike bush fires, the biggest thing to redefine the poker game experience was not firemen, but the age of the online poker room and the rise of unknown players into the realms of casino stardom.

Back in 2003, it all started when a relatively unknown poker player won his bracelet, and he not only made himself famous, but he proved on behalf of the world, that anyone can win the WSOP. But, just who was this guy? – Chris MoneyMaker, the small time accountant turned Pokerstars tournament player, who managed to turn a $39 sit-in to a $10,000 seat at the WSOP and then? He won. And in case you are wondering, that really IS his surname.

Nowadays there are countless players from the online community, who have turned their lives around by simply discovering the challenge of mastering online poker games. Many have said that they simply couldn’t have reached where they are today were it not for the likes of poker bonuses and rakeback.

Why not follow in Chris’s footsteps?  Take advantage of rakeback so you too can learn how to master the millionaire game of Texas Hold’em. Who knows, you may be the next one to hit the WSOP!

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