Full Tilt Have Gone ‘Full Tilt’

Just as the Pound and FTSE has hit a 10-month high, the ever popular online poker room, Full Tilt Poker has done the same, releasing its latest version of gaming software in a bid to make life easier for their fans and show the world that they will do anything to be the number one internet poker room.

This upgrade went live on the 30th July and it does a great deal to make playing online poker games even more enjoyable at this independent online casino. Perhaps this is what is responsible for the recent stabilizations in the world’s economies?

With increased unemployment still a major issue, the update from Full Tilt makes sure that everyone can take advantage of a raft of new features such as a new lobby view, better poker table filters as well as new deal-making systems, and with all that extra time on your hands, why not have some fun with their range of real money and play money poker tournaments.

To celebrate the launch of their new poker software, Full Tilt is offering what is being branded as the “Biggest Bonus Ever”. If you are looking for a bit of a career change, or maybe early retirement, perhaps now is the perfect time to get some poker training and take part in the many poker tournaments that Full Tilt have on offer!

Ever security conscious, the guys at the Full Tilt poker room have also added a new security feature in the form of PIN security. This new PIN system works alongside your password and is essentially a pass-code sent to players by the firm in order to increase account security dramatically. Now If only the worlds banking systems were as conscious of our money!

Regular fans will be pleased to note that this latest promotion mentioned above, comes in the form of a special bonus of wait for it – at LEAST $100 for all players who earned Full Tilt points before the 28th of July.

If you qualify, then next time you sign on, make sure to check your account by finding the “Check my Bonus Offer” button and requesting the extra bonus money.

Since its launch in 2004, Full Tilt poker has rapidly became one of the most popular online poker rooms for professional poker tournaments including Sit and Go’s as well as the highly popular Full Tilt Online Poker Series.

Being a fully dedicated online poker room has done a great deal for the company, as it has allowed it to accept US players from a number of States. This has helped the site grow in popularity worldwide and it boasts a diverse range of players from across the world.

Full Tilt attracts a diverse crowd of poker players, and many people that play on Full Tilt do so because of the fact they can be assured of constantly challenging games, or to put it rather simply – there are no fish in this pond!

However, that aside, the Full Tilt Poker room offer a range of bonuses to entice newer online poker players. With a number of rakeback incentives on offer too, you can start playing at Full Tilt for a fraction of what it would normally cost.

If you are ready to have some fun, why not go Full Tilt at Full Tilt? 

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