The Real Inside Deal

The inside deal, depends really on the subject. If we are talking about the economy then it changes like the weather. With the UK economy in chaos with increased shop closures and the famous British bank, The Royal Bank of Scotland not doing what they should, many people have an entirely negative outlook on the future, as in Britain’s case, the government is doing everything they can to avoid telling us the inside deal.

But when it comes to online poker games – ESPN have just launched their latest show which is a web-only program that aims to set the standard for poker shows. “Inside Deal” as the show is called recently premiered featuring he one and only WSOP 2003 Champion, Chris Moneymaker.

This series of webcasts will be player oriented, allowing poker fans to ask for poker tips and submit questions to the hosts of the show – namely renowned columnist Bernard Lee, with ESPN Poker editor Andrew Feldman alongside online poker columnist Laura Lane.

With numerous contests arranged such as sweepstakes to experience the “November Nine” World Series of Poker grand final, the outlook for the poker community in general, certainly looks healthier than that of the economy.

ESPN are relying on a strictly internet only format which will be different to their usual range of high quality TV poker shows, but their goal here is to slowly prove to network chiefs that the “Inside Deal” really is worthy for syndication on terrestrial media.

Bernard Lee, the shows chief host is himself a professional poker player earning around half a million dollars worth of prizes himself, and with his knowledge and experience hosting other poker shows, we should be in for a treat with the Inside Deal which has already started broadcasting on ESPN’s website.

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