All The Fives, $55,555,555.55!

No, it’s not bingo, it’s the amount of rakeback paid out by

That’s right, has reached the ‘All The Fives’ milestone of $55,555,555.55 in rakeback paid to its online poker players. Savvy poker players know a great deal when they see one and ensure they get maximum cash back from their poker games by having a rakeback deal in place when they join their favourite online poker rooms. RakeTheRake works with all the top online poker rooms to bring the highest rakeback rates to players.

Rakeback is a ‘no-brainer’ for online poker players as it costs nothing to join a rakeback program, but gives them free cash back from each poker hand they play. In every poker game a commission of around 5% of the pot is taken by the online poker room; this is the rake and is non refundable unless you have a rakeback program in place. Typically, rakeback programs return around 30% of a player’s rake, but RakeTheRake, the largest rakeback network, can offer up to 100%.

To celebrate their rakeback counter hitting $55,555,555.55, RakeTheRake is inviting players to join them for a special freeroll tournament on 24 August at Full Tilt’s online poker room. The top 5 players of the tournament will each win $55, paid to their Full Tilt account. To be part of the celebration, enter the freeroll at

The benefits of a rakeback program don’t just end with cash back though. Becoming a member of one of the largest rakeback networks assures players of access to the biggest promotions available. With over $600k worth of freerolls and rake races every month, RakeTheRake’s exclusive tournaments offers cash wins and all expenses paid packages to worldwide live poker events.

For players seeking to increase the profitability of their poker game, not only can rakeback extend their poker earnings, but by referring friends they can also earn commission on the rackback generated by those friends. There has never been an easier way to earn poker cash back and get paid to play.

To sign up for rakeback and benefit from exclusive freerolls and rake races visit

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