Celebrity Poker – Tony Cascarino

Celebrities and poker seem to go hand in hand these days. Former international footballer Tony Cascarino has become one of the British Isles’ most successful celebrities with his poker skills.

Tony wasn’t exactly Zinedine Zidane in his footballing days and the fact that he played for the Republic of Ireland while sporting a strong cockney accent always brought a fair share of banter his way.

Ever since he retired from football, Cascarino plunged head first into the world of punditry on sport radio stations such as BBC 5 Live and more famously at Talksport Radio. During this time, Tony also became famous for his poker exploits, netting an impressive amount of winnings, becoming the United Kingdom’s most successful celebrity poker player.

In his day, Cascarino was the stereotypical tall and bruising centre forward. His physical presence and heading skills ensured he had a healthy football career with teams that include Gillingham, Celtic, Chelsea, Millwall and Aston Villa. Cascarino speaks fluent French, which he picked up with a successful stint at Nancy and Olympique de Marseille.

He started his poker career in 2003, after being a self-proclaimed late starter. During his relatively short poker career, Cascarino has notched up impressive winnings that total over £245,000. He has already had two first places and nine top ten finishes. Cascarino has gained momentum year after year, winning over £84,000 in 2008 alone.

Considering Cascarino was never considered a footballer of the upper echelons, his poker career is in danger of overshadowing his football days already.

It is no surprise that the popularity of online poker is so large, when high profile sportsmen and celebrities are taking to it with a passion. You can also place your foot on the ladder of success and emulate Tony Cascarino (in a poker sense of course) by using raketherake.com to play Full Tilt and PKR Poker.

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