Gambling verses Recreation

There has always been heated debate as to what could be described as gambling. People automatically assume that gambling is where you place money on the outcome of something in order to win more money.

Personally, I would say that taking drugs, playing Sunday morning football, or crossing the motorway when blind drunk is also gambling.

Is playing online poker really gambling?

That depends on the tactics you use, or the amounts of money involved in your poker games. Would you say that paying £20 to enter a poker tournament is gambling, or just a recreational pastime?

Look at how much money it costs to take yourself and your two kids to watch Chelsea play football. There is no chance of winning money with this sort of recreational pastime, but playing poker is stigmatized as gambling, so therefore it must be bad!

Experienced poker players will not call themselves gamblers. This might be denial, or simply because it is their hobby, in which they stay within their means.

A person of obsessive traits will naturally become a gambler if they start to visit the casino on a regular basis. However, a responsible person who decides they will stick to a certain amount of money, and enjoy their wins and losses with the right attitude is not a gambler.

There is no real answer to the question, and that is why people are still debating this issue. Gambling is when you risk something that you cannot afford to risk, whereas some people can limit themselves and show discipline.

I would say that going to watch a football match between Millwall and West Ham is a gamble, not using £20 to enter a poker tournament. is a great place to visit if you want to find the best online poker tables and control your expenses. There is nothing wrong with recreational activities, so you are not really a gambler.

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Please gamble responsibly

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