Poker the Career Move

Non-gambling types and those of a self-righteous disposition continue to assume that poker is not the kind of career move a young man should be choosing. Maybe they are right, but there are worse things in the world to be doing with your life.

Look how many innocent people are murdered around the world by decisions made by the President of the United States, and everybody still wants to be President when they are young.

It’s a damn fine thing that 23-year-old Frenchman Adrien Allain didn’t listen to the doubters. Allain recently won more than £240,000 by winning the 2009 Asian Poker Tour Macau Festival main event.

The great thing about Allain’s victory is that he won a chance to play in the prestigious tournament through a $5 lottery tournament playing poker online.

Allain obviously has huge potential, but his previous biggest win was $8,000 on an online poker tournament.

This is massive inspiration to those who continue to play online poker and that have talent. Allain had the opportunity to play against the big boys, so he grasped his chance and showed just how it can be done.

Allain is now going to use the money to catapult himself onto the professional scene, and good luck to him. If you have the potential, and it’s obvious you can compete against others, why not take a chance when it presents itself to you.

All you need to do is take your time to learn the ins and outs of the game on free poker websites, and naturally evolve on to bigger things.

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