Skill Verses Luck in a Game of Poker

Who said, “Life is like a box of chocolates, because you never know what you are going to get?” Whichever halfwit graced the world with those pearls of wisdom must have definitely been a poker player!

The debate about luck verses skill in a poker game has been argued for decades, if not centuries.

Everyone with half a brain already understands that a high level of skill, strategy and knowhow is needed to become successful at a poker game. However, lady luck still holds a strong hand, regardless of what anyone says.

Even you could beat Peter Schmichael one time with a superbly placed penalty, or catch Andy Murray sleeping at the net with a perfectly executed passing shot. The same could be said about beating Phil Ivey on an all-in single hand.

However, we cannot live with these individuals over a longer stretch, because skill, knowhow and strategy always win over the long term.

The difference between poker games and other casino games is that you have more control over the outcome. In all other casino games, the best hand or the correct numbers always win. You can purposely lose a hand of poker if you wish. Which other casino game allows you to do that?

One theory that supports skill over luck is a high betting hand where everyone has already folded and left the winner to collect the pot. Who knows who had the best hand at the table? This is because strategy and skill was the real factor of the win, not luck or who had the best cards!

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