Pokerstars Have Gone Baltic

Since the dramatic fall of the iron curtain, a limitless amount of possibilities has opened up for casino and poker events. Pokerstars have recently made an unprecedented move by announcing the first annual Baltic Festival, to be held in Tallinn, Estonia.

The main event will take place during a four-day period from October 28 and culminating with the final on October 31. While the main events have already been confirmed, additional events will be scheduled during the near future.

The Festival organizers have set the buy-in price for the main event at €1,100, with final prize poll expected to be a six-figure number.

“We have hundreds of thousands of poker players in the Nordic countries, the Baltic States, and Russia, but so far there have only been a few attractive live tournaments,” stated Tomas Larsson, who is the regional manager for the Finland and Baltic regions. “Our ambition with this festival is to create the ultimate live poker experience, similar to what players find at the most prestigious events in the world, like the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure in the Bahamas and the European Poker Tour Grand Final in Monte Carlo, combining a luxurious venue with the best live poker in the Baltics.”

Larsson also went on to explain, “Tallinn is an excellent location for such an event with its good access, outstanding facilities and previous experience in hosting large international poker tournaments. I am convinced that the PokerStars Baltic Festival will attract players not only from neighbouring countries, but from all over Europe, including a number of Team PokerStars Pro members and some of the region’s top sportsmen.” 

This is great news for the worldwide popularity and diversity that the poker industry is striving to achieve. If you truly want a worldwide poker scene, you must explore new regions across the globe and spread the word far and wide.

The Baltics are a beautiful part of the world, and the city of Tallinn is especially scenic. Countries such as Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, the Czech Republic and Slovakia are becoming increasingly popular tourist destinations year upon year. It only seems natural that a company such as Pokerstars are helping to elevate poker since the removal of the iron curtain.

Pokerstars have planned to stage satellite coverage two months up to the event, where you can enter free-rolls and buy-ins for as little as $2.20. Pokerstars are once again proving why they have an excellent reputation for elevating the game across the globes, and long may it continue.

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