Mandy Card’s poker diary: guest blog

I started playing poker online about 4 years ago, purely because there was nothing on the TV & my car had broken down, so I couldn’t go out either.  I didn’t even know how to play at first, so I played for points until I got the idea.  I think I was hooked as soon as I had won my first pot! 

A few months later, I heard about a local live poker game.  It was only an amateur league, played for points, but I loved it.  I gained enough points to end up top of the venue and qualified for the regional finals.  I was ecstatic to make it to the final table, and found myself eliminating 8 of the other 9 finalists and winning the tourney – it does help when you flop quad Jacks when your heads up though!!!  I have been in love with the game ever since.  I was juggling 3 jobs, and studying full-time, so never really found much time to play.  But next year I aim to be a regular on the British poker circuit.

I have seen some very funny, and very strange things, since I started playing………. “Mr Annoying”, as I’ll call him (whom I had the misfortune to play with at Maxim’s in Reading last week), who felt it was his duty to click his fingers and shout “Wicked” every time I said “call” – which he took as “cool”!!!!

Then there was the time that I flopped the nut flush, thought I had played it brilliantly and had got my opponent to push all his chips in, only to find that we were playing with 53 cards and he also had the nut flush!!

And then there was “Mr Slowplay”………he limped in, with no other callers in the pot and I’m big blind with 5 3 Diamonds, and I decide to try and nick the pot. He calls. Flop comes 2D 4D 2H. I bet. He calls. Turn comes Ace Diamonds – straight flush for me. I make a small bet, he calls. River comes 9S. I make a small bet to induce a call. He does call, but very quickly jumps up in the air to declare that he has won the hand because he has quad 2s – which he does have. Before showing him my straight flush, I curiously ask him “why the bloody hell didn’t you raise my River bet when you’ve got quads?” – there was no way he could know I had a straight flush!!! His response was “Well, I was slow playing wasn’t I??!!!”
(Slow playing quads AFTER the river is a new one on me!!!!!!!)  It was even more obvious what a !*?@ of a player this guy was after I showed him my straight flush and he replied “unlucky” and started scooping the pot :-/ Needless to say, I will be looking out for him on the cash tables.

Mandy Card

(Mandy recently competed in the English Poker Open, after winning a seat via RakeTheRake)

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