Card Playing Superstitions

It is well known that gamblers are a highly superstitious breed. Everything is about winning and losing streaks, and determining when they are starting or ending.

There are many common superstitions that card players have forged over the decades. Part of the attraction of gambling is that you believe you can gain that ‘hot streak’ and that you can beat the odds where others have failed and come away as losers.

Some of these superstitions have been around for centuries, but they still play a major part in the psyches of gamblers across the globe.

Blackjack Superstitions
Some players think that sitting in the ‘first base’ position to the immediate left of the dealer is bad luck. Although novice players feel it is bad luck because they are the first to receive the cards from the dealer.

In essence, sitting in first base is a precarious position for ‘card counters’, who decide their plays based on which cards have already come out of the deck. This means that by sitting in third base, they can gain a better estimation of the cards because more have already been dealt.

Another favourite blackjack superstition is where a player will get personally insulted if another player at the table sticks when they should have drawn, or vice versa. They believe it affects the outcome and gives the House an edge. In reality, anything can still happen, and it doesn’t really matter what their opponents do.

General Card Game Superstitions
When a superstitious card player is having a run of bad luck, they tend to blame the actual cards for their woes. Some of these players will not continue playing until a new set of ‘luckier’ cards is introduced to the table.

In reality, a set of cards are a randomization device, so it doesn’t matter which cards you are using.

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