Do Sportsbooks Offer Odds For Transgender Competitors?

There has never been such a healthy partnership than sports fans and online casino sportsbooks. There is something magical about placing a wager on a sporting event and watching the drama unfold on television with your money riding on the outcome.

The world of online sportsbooks has diversified their scope over the past five years, to such a point you can now bet on virtually every sport available. But not many games can guarantee cash back.

It must have come as a shock to sports fans worldwide when the recent winner of the Athletics World Championships Women’s 800m title was not all she seemed.

The South African 800m runner, Caster Semenya is only 18-years-old, and shocked the world by taking the gold medal in Germany. Immediately after the race, the IAAF announced that tests would have to be taken to discover the true gender of the South African.

If the IAAF had said ‘she’ had tested positive for drug and steroid abuse, then no one would have battered an eyelid. However, to suggest that this young women used to be an even younger man is quite mind-boggling!

“It’s likely that she has some hermaphroditic or inter-gender condition,” said BBC Sport’s Gorgon Farquhar. This is technically suggesting that she is a he!

I can’t help but wonder what odds William Hill would have offered for this outcome.
While the test results have not yet been officially revealed, an Australian newspaper claims to have obtained leaked information that confirms that the South African runner was originally a man.

This never stopped Fatima Whitbread from claiming her World Championships gold medal in 1987! Hilarity aside, it goes to prove that when studying form for a major sporting event, you must now check the competitors for long feet and Adams apples, just to make sure.

But if your game is online poker you’re laughing. With up to 100% rakeback being offered, it’s certainly less of a guessing game than Caster’s gender!

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