Mandy Card’s poker diary: guest blog

Thursday evening comes and I can’t wait to get back to it.  I know I shouldn’t be playing for more than 5% of my bankroll, but I see two $100 tourneys I really want to play.  I can’t decide which – the $12,500 GP Double Stack or the ECOOP V R/A Main Event satellite.  If I play the former, I need to make the top 20 to cash; and if I play the latter, I can’t afford to rebuy if I’m going to make a real go of this challenge.  I only have a short while before they start, so need to decide quickly and, a couple of minutes later, I find myself registering for both!!! 

The ECOOP is going very well, there have been a couple of rebuys on my table, thanks to me, and I am chip leader.  The $12,500 GP also sees me in the top 5 chip counts.  Hours into the tourney and we are down to 40 players.  I raise the blinds with pocket 10s. One caller.  Flop comes 3h 9s 10s – happy days!  I bet the pot, hoping it will look like a steal as I have played with this particular opponent for some time & he knows I am an aggressive player.  He calls.  Turn 4h.  I bet the pot again and he shoves all-in.  Two possible flush draws now, but he couldn’t have been calling the flop with a back door flush draw, so I am guessing he has the case 10 Ace kicker, or 2pr 9s&10s – I’ve got the best hand regardless so I insta-call.  He shows Kh 9h!! He has put his entire tournament on the line for 2nd pair & a fl.dr.  With the chips he had, which was very slightly more than I, there was no need to shove.  As it happens, it paid off for the **** because the River presents him with the heart he needed and I’m out 39th. 

Half hour later, the ECOOP satellite I have been playing simultaneously, comes to an end with myself in 1st place and winning entry into the $1500 Main Event on December 6th.  Although this doesn’t give me an immediate boost in my bankroll, the potential is there to win thousands.

Not happy with the fact that I haven’t actually won any cash that evening, I sit down at a 50c/$1 table with $45 and depart 90 minutes later with $327.10. This leaves me, after just 2 days into my challenge, with a balance of $687.60 AND a seat in the $1,500 (+$80) ECOOP Main Event!!  Let’s hope my winning streak continues into the weekend.

Mandy Card

(Mandy recently competed in the English Poker Open, after winning a seat via RakeTheRake)

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