Good Business Thinking By The Bookmakers

I remember a time when visiting the local bookmakers to bet on the 3:30 at Sandown was as interesting as gambling was. Over the years, the likes of Ladbrokes and William Hill have evolved with the industry and moved forward with the ever-changing trends.

This divides a great business sense from being lazy. Ladbrokes and William Hill have been market leaders within the British gambling industry for all my life, when it would have been easy for them to sit back on their laurels and be content with what they have.

I used to work for Kodak, who were at the time the pinnacle of the 35mm camera film industry. Kodak happily sat back and collected their vast profits each year, failing to exploit the every rising world of digital photography.

By the time it became obvious that digital photography was the future, Kodak were so far behind the market leaders that it caused the company massive problems.

They had to lay off the staff and close the factory where I worked and ship the operation to China, saving money in which they could invest in the digital market. This sort of sloth-like business thinking is shocking for one of the world’s largest companies, and they have still not recovered from their ill-fated decisions.

On the other end of the scale, the like of Ladbrokes and William Hill have (who are much smaller than Kodak) invested heavily in the future. They saw the possibilities for online gambling from the start and progressed in the right direction.

They should be commended for their vision, and showered with kudos. Likewise, poker affiliates have rewarded online players with the benefits of rakeback.

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