FIFA World Cup Qualifiers Nearing An End.

There are certainly going to be a lot of football fans with seriously chewed fingers over the next few days as the final chance to participate in the 2010 World Cup draws to a close. At the moment 18 teams have qualified to be part of the momentous annual event and there are still some fighting for an automatic place to compete.

Teams that have already qualified and will be part of the World Cup 2010 are England, Spain, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Denmark, Serbia, Chile, Mexico, USA, Ivory Coast, Paraguay, Ghana, Brazil, North Korea, South Korea, Australia and Japan.

There are still spots that have not been assigned and the playoffs mean teams will be fighting tooth and nail to win their place. South America still has one spot for automatic qualification and it looks to be a nervous time as the fight for the spot between Uruguay and Argentina. It could mean, if they lose, that Argentina fail to qualify for only the second time in their playing history.

The North American category has one qualifying place left and one play off spot. The two teams that are odds on for success are Costa Rica and Honduras. Other teams will really have to pull out some surprising punches to knock these two off the two places.

Africa still has three qualifying places left and those are expected to be filled by Cameroon, Algeria and Tunisia but again, never underestimate the bite of a team backed into a corner and with nothing to lose. Egypt might yet claw its way into one of these qualifying spaces.

One spot left for the play off winner for Asia and Oceania and that will be decided between Bahrain and New Zealand. Personally I will be sad to see our kiwi friends not get a chance to compete in 2010.

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