PokerStars Sets New Records!

Yup, Pokerstars has been grabbing the headlines again in the World Championship of Online Poker. The championship has now finished, but in case you missed the news (where have you been, Mars?) the 2009 championship proved to be the biggest prize jackpot pool in history! A staggering total of $51,652,800 was in the pot and this smashed the current record for online tournament prize money.

In total there were 8,500 players in the WCOOP with Pokerstars and this huge number meant that the prize total for Pokerstars flew past its estimate of $1.25 million guaranteed to a whopping $2 million.

Not satisfied with breaking just one record, it seems that a second has tumbled!

We all knew that Pokerstars was big, but September 6th 2009 saw a massive 307,000 players playing at tables around the world. This means that the second record has been smashed for the most players, the records official title is ‘the most players at an Internet poker room’.

Pokerstars is used to seeing large numbers at their online poker room and Sundays are especially high. The boost from the WCOOP games meant the old record has been broken, and broken with style as the previous number for the record was 200,000. There were 43,000 tables being played with over 300,000 players and that means that Pokerstars sailed past the previous record total by an amazing 100,000 players.

These records are surely going to be hard to beat, but we are confident that Pokerstars are sure as hell going to try. We will keep you updated on Pokerstars upcoming tournaments as well as our other recommended betting platforms so you can be sure to get your place at the tables!

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