Want Christmas to pay for itself?

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Our top affiliates earn thousands of dollars every month.  DaveG earned $1800 from referrals in September alone!

If your friends are playing online poker without a rakeback deal in place, refer them to us and start earning money right away!

What you could earn every month:
If your players combined monthly net rake is $10,000, at 4% commission =  $400
If your players referred other players whose combined net rake was $7500 at 1% commission = $75
Total commission to you: $475

And there’s even more on offer during October and November!
As a special bonus in the run up to Christmas, we’re offering you the 4% and 1% tiers PLUS an additional $10 per player until 30 November 2009. (Referred players must rake a minimum of $10).

Extend some seasonal cheer to your friends and introduce them to rakeback. And let us show you the money!

Don’t delay, start earning today.

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