Guest blog part 3: David La Ronde, EPO 2009 winner

In November 2008 my life was turned upside down when my wife Jean was diagnosed with Leukaemia. We had been childhood sweethearts and by now had 5 children; I can honestly say that nothing has ever hit me like when the Doctor actually said “Your wife has CANCER”. We cried together, but like all my obsessions I threw myself into finding out as much as I could about her condition. Poker had to take a back seat now we were fighting for her life. I can tell you that sitting in a hospital watching people with intravenous drips being subjected to chemotherapy puts your life in perspective.

It’s now April 2009 and my wife has completed her chemo and the doctor has said that she is in partial remission. That old buzz is back and I’m itching to play live again. I had filled the long winter nights playing online with some success finishing 20th in a £2.5m guaranteed tourney cashing £20k, but for me, live is where it’s at. You can’t beat the banter, the intensity, the sheer theatre of it. I did actually win a seat in the EPT San Remo, this was a £5k buy in event and it had cost me 500 player points so I was free rolling. 5 days in San Remo courtesy of Pokerstars, nice. I busted out on day one when some big fat American got runner runner for a flush after I called his all in with two pair on the flop. I knew I was playing well and I had actually improved my game and found a good rhythm.

David La Ronde

Winner of the English Poker Open 2009

English Poker Open

Part 4 next Tuesday…

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