Poker Priest Charitable Act

No one could question the humbling generosity of Father Andrew Trapp when he shocked the poker world this week by firstly winning as an unknown against extremely strong players, and secondly by giving the money away!

Father Trapp was participating in the Million Dollar Challenge new poker game show and scooped a massive $100,000 winnings. He then proceeded to immediately donate the entire amount to his church fund in front of an awestruck audience.

‘Father Rambo’ as he is fondly nicknamed in his own parish, now has a shot at the big prize of $1 million which will be played for in December this year. Apparently, the priest has a penchant for paintball and it is his rather enthusiastic embracing of the fun sport that has earned him the name.

It could be said that Father Trapp had a slightly unfair advantage when he took to the table with rather powerful forces on his side. He even played with cards in one hand and rosary in the other! I don’t think anyone will be crying ‘foul’ with this win.

Members of St Michael’s Church in Garden City, South Caroline will have much to be thankful for as the winnings will go a long way towards the reaching the target for the church fund. The church is in need of a new roof and the fund is currently short of an estimated $1.5 million.

Ironically Father Trapp applied to play on the show as a way of showing that members of the clergy were not all stuffy and boring, that they had fun hobbies too! It was not until he was approved as a contestant that he actually gave the winnings much thought.

After the competition Trapp commented “We’re going to have a beautiful church that really looks like a place of worship of God”.

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