Countdown to card counting demise.

Perhaps a casino’s biggest foe, the card counter may soon find that they are being spotted and requested to leave on a far more frequent basis. This death knoll sounding for counters is thanks to the work done by a student at Scottish Dundee University.

Although card counting is not technically illegal, you would be hard pressed to find a single casino that would tolerate it. In the nicest of circumstances someone suspected of committing this heinous crime (at least heinous in the eyes of the casino) would be requested to change tables or leave the casino. I don’t even want to think about what the worst circumstances outcome would be if you were caught cheating at a card game!

Twenty two year old Kris Zutis has created a new computer program that analyses the data retrieved by cameras throughout a casino to reveal card counting cheats through the pattern of their play. Mr Zutis is actually an avid poker player but found his computer project was more applicable to the world of Blackjack.

Mr Zutis commented that “I’m not a big gambler myself, but I do enjoy playing poker and I had originally intended my project to be related to that. It turned out that blackjack was far more suited to a computer vision system, and so I developed the system from there.”

One thing is certain, this new program could really turn some heads at the upcoming International Conference on Computer Vision Systems (ICVS), in Liège, Belgium later this month.

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