Guest blog part 4: David La Ronde, EPO 2009 winner

English Poker Open

So I’m sitting at home on a sunny September evening playing on Full Tilt I satellite my way for $14 into a $100 rebuy tournament and after 8 hours of play and 3.30 in the morning I was heads up and cashed $18,000. At the same time I played a satellite to the live event, The English Poker Open, finishing a bitter second as only first place gave a seat package worth $6,500. Never mind. I was so disappointed that I decided that I should reinvest part of my win to play the main event anyway. I knew I was playing well and felt I deserved it. Rake the Rake, sponsors of the event were selling some seats and after some tight negotiations I managed to purchase the seat for a lot less than I would have paid. Bargain. Now all I had to do was win the thing.

I knew my game had improved but I surprised myself with how well I was playing, finishing second in chips on day 1. Day 2 was a hard slog. I was card and situation dead and had to pull of some outrageous bluffs but I managed to build my stack up to 57k by the end of the day and was in a good spot as the average was 30k with 58 runners left. Day 3 went from disaster to triumph. Three times I got my chips in ahead and three times ended up behind, but lady luck shines. I found myself with A5 under the gun and only 11 BB in chips, not wishing to push in position as this would get called by a much wider range of hands, I decided that I would spin the wheel and if anyone woke up with a premium calling hand then good on them. It folds all the way round to Andy Greekfish who instant calls holding QQ. It’s strange but I had a quiet calm come over me as if I knew that I couldn’t lose. Flop comes 845 turn 5. Boom! I’ve doubled up. I’m in the hunt. 32 left. With some very aggressive play and a few shoves, all of a sudden I find myself with 240k of chips and a final table place.

David La Ronde

Winner of the English Poker Open 2009

English Poker Open

Part 5 next Tuesday…

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