Let’s talk turkey

The White House annual Thanksgiving Turkey Presentation

The White House annual Thanksgiving Turkey Presentation

Thanksgiving turkeys

With Thanksgiving nearly upon us, we at RakeTheRake decided to celebrate it with a special freeroll and commemorate some of the quirkier aspects of the day.

Thankgiving has developed various traditions over the years. Some of the more unique ones include the favoured ballroom dance of the late 19th/early 20th century, the ‘Turkey Trot’ which was based on the short steps of the bird. Allegedly also denounced by the Vatican for being ‘suggestive’! The mind boggles.

In more recent times, (former) President George W. Bush pardoned two of the fine fowl at the White House’s 60th annual National Thanksgiving Turkey presentation. It seems the honoured guests were then sent to Disneyland for their troubles…

But if you find yourself going ‘cold turkey’ from your online poker game during the vacation, RakeTheRake’s got a $700 freeroll for you. Pay homage to the great contribution of turkeys through the ages!

Enter the freeroll by midnight on Wednesday 25 November to be part of the celebration www.raketherake.com/FT.

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