Oh La La! More Online Poker for France?

After so many recent battles regarding restrictions to the world of online poker playing, it is nice to be able to bring some good poker news to our readers! At the moment poker players in France have been restricted to playing only with two state companies which have held the monopoly on gambling. All other gambling online has been restricted and banned within the French borders.

It seems that this regulation has finally been recognised as unfair and a bill has been proposed to the French government that would mean more access to foreign casinos and tournaments for French players. This news will certainly make a lot of our French poker playing friends very happy but what has prompted this change of heart? It seems like the French government has realised that by forbidding legal companies from the UK and elsewhere outside of France has just resulted in a feeding frenzy by the less than savory casinos.

These foreign casinos that have been catering to the French online poker market have been operating illegally and so, in most cases, are not regulated by any governing body. The result of this is that players have been given, at best, bad service and have, at worst, been swindled by these illegally operating websites.

By re-evaluating their stance on overseas casinos they will be opening up the legal online gaming world to residents of France. This means better games, better websites and fair treatment for French poker players. This is definitely a step in the right direction for competitive gaming online, but the whole process of getting this bill passed and implemented is a long battle.

This is great news for the French but also for the rest of us as this move by France to clean up online gaming has come at a time when trust in online gaming is low. A study done by PayPoint.net has come back with some shocking results. It seems that 81 percent of us are concerned about security risks and 61 percent surveyed worry about what to do if they have a problem regarding their account. We are most concerned when it comes to revealing our banking details online in the sign up process. These figures don’t really surprise us here as, unfortunately, there are unscrupulous people out there.

All the more reason for us to take care when signing up to play poker online and to make sure that the online betting companies we deal with have adequate online help for members. The most efficient way to ensure safety is to research the betting sites you are looking at playing with and to check that they have good security, and are legal.

When you sign up for games and tournaments with companies such as Betfair Poker or Cake Poker you can be sure of the highest level of security regarding your account and 24 hour online help. All that and a chance to profit from playing with rakeback!

Source: news.bbc.co.uk

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