Vegas Lights Continue to Dim.

The neon city of sin continues to suffer in August as the latest figures came in and paint a clear picture of the effect the US recession is having on the strip. For the 15th month running now, visitor numbers have fallen. In total the numbers over the past 20 months have shown that tourism has taken this hit 18 times.

There was high hopes that the summer months would see a reversal of the trend for hotels and casinos operating in Las Vegas and several campaigns were launched in the hope that they would attract people back to the city.

The Hotels have been the biggest sufferers as tourist cut backs on spending, travel and entertainment have been frequently quoted as the first things that the public will tighten up on when it comes to difficult times economically. Many hotels have reduced their prices to rock bottom in an effort to attract visitors.

Despite these low prices, occupancy were down again, and perhaps mostly so for the convention trade. Ironically it is the Vegas image of being a lavish destination that is affecting its trade as a convention center.

The prices may be low to rent rooms and space for meetings, however, the city’s reputation is having a negative effect on any business wanting to take advantage of these amazing price deals. It would seem that a lot of businesses are reluctant to hold meetings in Vegas as they do not want to be seen as spending frivolously at a time when most are keeping the purse strings drawn very tight.

Instead of actually saving money on these deals and booking Vegas, many companies are opting to pay more and choose much more ‘sedate’ locations that more reflect the somber mood of the business world. The irony has not been lost on this writer!

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