CryptoLogic Games Winning Score with Rank

The online casino game developer CryptoLogic have landed a sweet contract with the online betting group Rank Interactive. Rank Group Plc is one of the leading gaming businesses and have casinos and bingo halls around the world as well as several online gaming businesses. 

CryptoLogic have been chosen over other competing companies due to their innovative and creative slot games. Securing this contract with Rank is a massive success for the company that already has more than 280 games released. A unique aspect of CryptoLogic designs is the incorporation of famous film genres and having action characters as part of the design. 

One of the company’s advantages other than its variety and novel games is that it has always prided itself on regulation compliance and the stability of its software.

Justin Thouin, Vice-President of CryptoLogic, said, ‘Demand for our games remains strong as illustrated by this agreement with Rank Interactive, a well respected UK brand.’

This is certainly true, as being associated with Rank will mean a big boost for the CryptoLogic image. 

Rank Group will be integrating the games over the next 6 months into several of their online gambling websites. The contract extends past the six months, as it is a multi year contract. Angus Nisbet is the Gaming Director at Rank Interactive and feels that this contract is really going to make a difference with online customers.

He has said ‘By striking this deal with CryptoLogic our customers are gaining access to the very best and most innovative betting games on the market.’ 

Any good businessman knows that innovation and variety is key to success and this bold new partnership is sure to bring not only a great deal of excitement and fun to the players, but also a great boost in visitors to the Rank website slots.

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