Guest blog part 6: David La Ronde, EPO 2009 winner

Shuffle up and deal!!! We’re off and strangely enough I am calm and feel sharp. Second hand in folds to Bebb in the cut-off, who shoves his short stack of 40k button folds and I am in SB I look down JQ off, not massive, but enough to look up Bebb whose range is very wide. I elect to raise, to isolate, but only the minimum as the big blind may wake up with a hand. He folds and we turn over, Bebb has K4 off so it’s even Stevens. He flops a K, ouch that hurt, never mind you won’t have my babies for long, they will come back to daddy soon, very soon.

My favourite number is 22 and a few hands later after a raise from UTG it folds to me and I look down a 22, nice. I know the BB will call for value if I call and I am getting huge implied odds if I actually flop a set, so I just call and so does big blind. Boom, flop comes: 2 3 5 rainbow a nice deceptive flop waiting for a bluff looking raise. Not to disappoint I elect to raise half the pot as I’m sure that at least UTG may actually have a hand and I want as many chips in the pot as possible. I make it 28K, SB folds and Eric Lui UTG elects to flat call, Christmas has come early. He could easily have AK of middle pair and thinks he’s ahead, he probably thought he was keeping me alive by floating me. Turn Kc, perfect card. I’m sure if he has AK and I push, I’ll get action. I instantly shove knowing this looks weak. He dwells for a nano-second before announcing. I call, with a look of desperate anticipation. When I turn over the ducks he gulps with horror, his holding K3 for two pair and no improvement means he’s out and I rake in another 250k in chips, I’m now chip leader. Steady as she goes, don’t get excited I tell myself, I’ve still got a marathon to complete.

Interesting hand when Martyn Bebb exits. He shoved in the cut-off again for 70k, Julian Leonard in SB raised to isolate to 150k. I look down, I’m holding Q8 spades. I know Julian probably has AK AQ AJ maybe a middle pair, I think about shoving, knowing that he would fold that range and if I lost the pot to Martyn I would be even. I decide that I want Martin out and that Julian probably has enough to race with, I fold. Bebb is out, Leonard had AQ and rivered an A. Ironically I would have beaten them both with a spade flush.

I know that Julian Leonard is the tightest player on the table, a real solid professional so when he three bet shoves against Tureniec I am shocked to see Michael call so lightly with AQ, only for Julian to turn over AK. Tureniec is crippled now, down to just under 200k. That’s not good news as he will turn on the shove-o-meter now.

David La Ronde

Winner of the English Poker Open 2009

English Poker Open

Part 7 next Tuesday…

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