Google slap gets slap back!

For most businesses online it really is a priority to be listed high on a search engine, and the crème de la crème of the engines has to be Google. Companies are known to spend a great deal of money and time working to the strict rules of ‘search engine optimisation’ in order to claw their way to the top few pages for certain search terms. 

Google is the goal for most businesses on the web and companies work hard to get to the top. However, in recent years Google has become more and more strict on the methods it allows for a company to improve its page ranking.

A new term emerged in the Internet world a couple of years ago known as the ‘Google slap’. This is a general term used for when a website is penalised by the mammoth search engine and results in the website ranking falling to page numbers that are likely never to be found by your average online user! 

Google stepped into the world of online gambling and decided to ‘slap’ certain companies and drop their ranking. Just such an event happened for Media Corp which owned the website In 2007 the website would appear at number 1 on page one, which of course made it a very valuable address. Due to the Google slap the site dropped overnight to page 100 when people searched for the term ‘gambling’.

Chief Executive Mr Drummond was angered and confused at this treatment and contested it strongly. He believes that the result of this treatment by Google has lost over $1 million a year in revenue from the website. 

It seems that Google have recognised their error and the slap was removed and the site has reappeared in its previous position.

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