Guest blog part 7: David La Ronde, EPO 2009 winner

Man down

Simon Pearson is all in pre-flop, holding QQ only, for Mr ‘Tight Pants’ Leonard to call holding KK.

Tureniec doubles up when he gets lucky, after his JQ all in gets called by Leonard holding 99 and turns a Q –  he’s back in the hunt.

Action stations

Jim Moult has seen his stack dwindle after both I and Tureniec have constantly 3 bet him out of pots. He raised on the button, I’m holding 1010, I decide that I will push him off and if he calls I’m probably in good shape, so I announce All In abd he insta calls holding AK off. Fireworks! Flop comes, A high all spades, ouch. I look up and ask my wife’s departed grandma for that one time help. Boom! Turn is 10s, I’m choked, she’s actually listening. River is Js, chop chop. I’m just glad to get my investment back.

Eames is beaten up

John Eames who has been playing solid poker raises from the button only for the maniac Tureniec to shove. With the calmness of a newsreader Eames says “call” and flips over two black aces. Tureniec coldly shows KQ off. Poker is so cruel and the luckbox river a straight to bust the Aces. Eames is choked and slides away without a word. Down to 4.

I can fire bullets baby. Julian Leonard on the button glances at me and says in an impressive French accent “alls in”, I peel back one card it’s a black Ace of spades my favourite card, and right next to it is its twin half brother, ace of clubs. My chips are in before I can say c”all”, Leonard looks like his just given blood as exits the scene of the crime.  We’re down to three.

For a brief minute I glance at the prize money and then it hits me, I could actually win this, I have 1.3 million chips of the 2 million in play. The natural thing to do would be to turn up the heat and bully my opponents; I elect not to as I don’t want to chip them up, I’ll just keep pressuring the blinds until I hit a strong hand. No worries, Tureniec is running true to form, he shoves after a raise from Moult holding A8 off. Moult tanks and calls holding A9 off. The poker Gods are cruel when Michael hits an 8 on the turn and Jim, although gutted, must be proud for making the right call and being £80k richer.

David La Ronde

Winner of the English Poker Open 2009

English Poker Open

Part 8 next Tuesday…

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