PPA applaudes Federal Treasury’s decision to delay UIGEA

The Poker Players Alliance (PPA welcomed a six month delay in implementing the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) regulations this week. 

The deadline for the enforcement of the UIGEA has been extended by the Federal Reserve and Department of Treaasury for a further six months, until June 1, 2010. The delay is due to the PPA’s petition in association with the National Thoroughbred Racing Association and the American Greyhound Track Operators Association. The petition for extension was made to enable legal and financial bodies to assess and clarify the UIGEA’s definitions and to develop policies and legislation to ensure compliance.

PPA spokesman, Chairman Alfonse D’Amato commented, “The PPA is extremely pleased with the decision by the Federal Reserve and Treasury to grant the six month extension.  This is a great victory for poker, but an even greater victory for advocates of good and fair public policy.  These additional months are critical to provide legislators time to clarify UIGEA and pass legislation to license and regulate poker early next year.  It is our hope that another extension would be granted should the deadline approach before these pieces of legislation can be passed.”

The UIGEA has raised concerns and requests for clarification amongst many PPA members due to its vague language. Although pleased with the delay, allowing all parties to clarify what the UIGEA means and how it is legislated and complied with, the PPA remains committed to passing legislation to license and regulate online poker.

“PPA is continuing its efforts to urge members of Congress to implement thoughtful and effective regulation of the online poker as opposed to outright prohibitions, which history has shown do not work,” said D’Amato. “We are thankful to our co-petitioners the National Thoroughbred Racing Association and the American Greyhound Track Operators Association and for the dozens of members of Congress who voiced their support for this petition through letters to Secretary Geithner and Chairman Bernanke.  The PPA looks forward to working with regulators and legislators to pass legislation that protects consumers and the great game of poker.”

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