High stakes online poker player takes massive $5m hit

Yesterday Isildur1 lost a total of 5.3 million dollars, probably creating a new record.

Isildur1 is something of an online poker enigma in terms of his identity, but has been the most active high stakes Swedish player at online poker room Full Tilt in recent weeks.

In just three days in November he played over 10,000 hands to win $560k+ and in the past six weeks he has played in excess of 130,000 hands, culminating in the spectacular loss of $5.3m yesterday.
In a few short weeks Isildur1 has taken the high stakes action to a higher altitude, making even a $653k pot seem like an everyday occurrence.

With both Isildur1 and his recent opponent Tom ‘durrr’ Dwan losing in excess of $5m each in the past month it seems as though there is a re-distribution of poker wealth doing the circuit at present.

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