Leeds Lotto Legacy

It seems to be a definite benefit for a lottery ticket buyer to live in the Yorkshire area of the UK. With the British lottery celebrating its 15th birthday it seemed the right time to have a party, and who better to attend than the big winners of the area of Leeds.

A whopping 229 millionaires have been created in Yorkshire since the lottery began. If that was not impressive enough, then the fact that the total winnings that have been paid out in the area is 1,085,964,265 UK pounds! 

The winners gathered and celebrated the Lottery birthday with a glass or two of bubbly and swapped stories of their wins and what they have done with the free cash. For some it was enough to pay off the house and know that they are secure financially for the rest of their lives. 

For one mother, the biggest boon to the win was the chance to be able to give up her job and spend more time with her children. Another mum treated herself to a dress designed by Victoria Beckham as a luxury, but has since continued to shop in the local high street!

For others, they have had the chance to fulfil lifelong dreams. A former IT worker used the money to reform a band he was part of in his youth and release a record. For others they have parlayed their winnings into property development businesses, spas and recruitment companies. 

 All agreed one thing, that their win has changed their lives for the better without a doubt. They all still buy a lottery ticket every week and who knows, maybe lightning will strike twice for one of these already blessed winners!

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